How To Spot a Liar: Knowing When Someone Is Lying To You.

Although working relationships ought to be built on trust. But sometimes, people will tell lies in order to have their way or get what they want. Researchers have found out that when people lies, their nose actually heats up. Using thermographic cameras, psychiatrists at the university of Granada in Spain were able to detect an increased temperature in the nose, and the region around the eyes of people who are telling lies. However, this may not be very practical, and you may obviously not have a thermographic camera, or be able to ask someone if you can place your hand over their nose before asking them a question, in order detect the veracity of their answer. However, there are some common body language cues that often indicates that someone may not be telling the truth. Researchers at Harvard university have also discovered that there are also linguistic clues in the way people answers questions that can be warning signs of dishonesty.

– Body Language Display- Watch out for the facial touching: People who are uncomfortable being dishonest, always tends to cover their mouth or touch their nose when they are telling a lie. This could be an attempt to hide their micro-facial expression or perhaps due to the sudden heat rush, discovered by the study at university of Granada.

– Carefully observe what they do with their eyes: While breaking eye contact in itself is not a clear indication of lying. People who lies, often tends to look away in order to concentrate or remember details. If there’s a distinct change in a person’s eye movements, rapid blinking, looking up and down for long periods while speaking, it can indicate dishonesty. And if they suddenly becomes hyper-focused on starring you in the eyes, it could also be an attempt to counter-act the looking away factor, in order to convince you of the lie.

– People who are lying often fidgets: Fidgeting is usually caused by discomfort or nervousness. Both of which are symptoms of someone worried that they’ll be caught for being dishonest. If you’re nervous, remember to keep your fidgeting in check, which is worse than simply implying a lack of confidence.

The Harvard Study of Linguistic Indicators of Dishonesty: This research was conducted on people involved in negotiating business, where trust was highly required and money was on the line. Below were the interesting findings;

– People who are lying tends to make use of a lot more words than people who are actually speaking the truth. Probably, because they feel the need to convince their listener to believe what they’re saying, rather than just saying it in a simple way. Researchers also called this the, “Pinocchio’s effect” as similar to the Pinocchio’s nose, where the length of the sentence grows along with the lie.

– People who told lies of omission, that is, leaving out relevant information rather than the outright lying, actually went the opposite, of using shorter sentences and fewer words than those saying the truth.

– People who told outright lies were believed more often than those who attempted to conceal part of the truth.(Therefore, if you really need to conceal the truth, you’re more likely to get away with making something up, than with attempting to avoid the subject.)

– Liars also swear more often than people who are actually saying the truth.

-Liars uses far more third-persons pronouns like;(“him, her, it, one, they, their rather than, “I”) than people who are saying the truth or lying by omission. Similarly, they also use much more complex sentences and grammatical structures. Researchers, says it is an attempt to distance themselves from the dishonesty at the heart of what they are saying.


This question often springs up in my mind, and I’ve been pondering over it for a very long time now. The relationship between being a billionaire and being a college or university graduate. What link has becoming a billionaire with a college or university degree? Is there really a link, relationship or connection between them? When i took a critical introspective study of many of our contemporary world billionaires, i discovered that most of them dropped-out of school or never completed their college or university education. For instance, Bill Gate, the American billionaire and founder of Microsoft, Mark Zukerberg was only a sophomore student when he founded Facebook, which has now become the cream of the crop, Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in Africa by Forbes, and so many others which i can’t vividly remember now, but hope you’d help add to the list, and where i’m wrong, i stand to be corrected as no one has the monopoly of knowledge. Now i ask, do you really need a college or university degree in order to become a billionaire? Should you become a drop-out to become a billionaire? Or are you just wasting your time trying to get a degree? Instead of going out there and start making the billions. These are down-to -earth questions you should start asking yourself. Because those who asks “why” and are ready to bring up solutions are always on top. I’ve taken a very long and elaborate critical study of this, and came up with the conclusion that becoming a billionaire has got nothing to do with a college or university degree. Infact there’s absolutely no link or connection between both. However, i’m not trying to discourage getting a degree from a college or university education, it is absolutely commendable if you can do that. All i’m saying is that, it has got nothing to do with becoming a billionaire, and it isn’t a panacea to becoming a billionaire. Becoming a billionaires is purely “entrepreneurship” and it is according to your mindset. The whole truth about becoming a billionaire depends on your “passion” and “determination” to become an entrepreneur. Without the ultimate passion and determination to become an entrepreneur and add value to life, you can’t become a billionaire. When i look the world billionaires, i see their passion, determination and doggedness in entrepreneurship and the desire to add value to life. They never allowed college or university failure to deter them from their dreams and passion of making real impacts in the world. The ability to become a billionaire is in everyone, but only few people know this. A lot of people allows circumstances, challenges, failures, backgrounds, unfavorable situations to rob them of this potential, and consequently kill their passion of making positive impacts in the world. Becoming a billionaire depends entirely on your mindset and passion of adding value to life, its nothing more than that. It is a resolve you must make yourself, no college or university will teach you how to become billionaire, but the ability resides in you, and you’re potentially capable of doing it. If only you can be passionate about adding value to life, and develop a strong determination of becoming an entrepreneur. You don’t need to be a drop-out or graduate to become a billionaire, it is about building your passion, zeal and determination to become an entrepreneur in order to create real impact in people lives. Entrepreneurs rule the world, as long as the economy is concerned, they’re leaders, they make positive impacts in peoples lives through creating jobs, they add value to the life, they assist the government to grow the economy and determines their cash flows. Their paramount aim is to generate more income in order to affect more lives positively. The world needs more entrepreneurs to solve the current global economic challenges confronting it. You don’t need all the degrees to become an entrepreneur, and subsequently a billionaire. All you need is the passion and strong determination to touch lives through entrepreneurship. Never think you’re incapacitated, or you can’t do it, because you’ve got the ability, and all it takes to make it happen. Its definitely a matter of time, but you’ve got to start small. Remember, “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.” ~ Zig Ziglar.