A Good Leader And A Great Leader: What Makes The Difference?

businesswoman drawing plan of Leadership. The problem of leadership has been a major challenge confronting the entire world, especially the third world countries. The world seems to be in want of quality leaders who can profer solutions and tackle its enormous challenges. It seems all we’ve got right now are leaders who cannot see beyond their nose, leaders who aren’t proactive in their actions and leadership style, leaders who only live in the present without taking concrete steps to preserve and safeguard the future, and leaders who has ran out of ideas of what it takes to overcome the world’s global challenges of terrorism, climate change and global warming. I have taken time to observe two major kinds of leaders: The good leader, and the great leader. There’s a very big difference between both. A good leader is a great manager, he manages very well and thrives on existing structures, standards and legacies, but can hardly create those structures or create a new path and set new standards for others to follow. Great leaders thrives on creativity, vision, they are driven by the passion to make positive impacts and leave a lasting legacy in the minds of their followers. They create new pathways for others to follow, they seek to find solutions to every problem, they’re problem solvers. The hallmark of a great leader is self-sacrifice. The world presently seems to have more of good or ordinary leaders than great or extra-ordinary leaders.