The first thing you ought to know if you’re suffering from shyness, is that you’re not alone. Infact majority of people reports feeling shy in social situations (even if it doesn’t look that way to others). Shyness is an internal experience, and is not necessarily visible to the outside world. Infact, shyness is often misconstrued with coldness, aloofness or “snootiness” by other people. You can be surrounded by shy people all of the time without realizing it. Just knowing these alone can help reduce the feeling of shyness and isolation a bit. One way to ease your general feeling of shyness anywhere is to, look around for someone who seems to even be more shy than you, and go talk to him or her. Approaching someone who feels more shy than you, will help you feel more confident and less alone. You can as well talk about your common feelings of discomfort in social situations and feel supported. After this successful experience, you’ll probably feel ready to branch out and talk to more people. At least, you may have found a new friend. When we are feeling shy, our attention is turned inward, and we are preoccupied with fears of being judged by other people. This is very inhibiting, and makes us feel awkward. One way to deal with this, is to turn our attention outward. You can do this, by focusing on what we like about the other person. Imaging saying positive, appreciative things to that person like: “i like your smile” or “i like how alive you appear today” or whatever it is, that makes the person appealing to you. Then feel and say these appreciations to the person in your head as you approach him or her. You will be coming towards that person with the positive energy of appreciation, rather than the energy of fear of rejection. This will help you feel more at ease and feel more better towards the other person. This technique can be quiet helpful. My last recommendation, is practice. The more you try these techniques, the more comfortable you’ll become. Always remember that you are not alone. Most of us do feel shy in social situations. Practice these techniques, and you’ll meet more people in general, and hopefully that special one. Shy people of the world unite!! Shynessshy-main_full2-468x366