Landing your dream job isn’t as awkward as you may think. The fact is that most graduates are clueless, and they’re uninformed on what it takes to secure their dream job, or a job that meets their goals and aspirations in life. No wonder many toiled for years, just to get their first job, while others keeps changing job, and works from one company to another. If you don’t discover this simple truth, and practice it, you may keep on perambulating the whole world in search of a job that may never come. Due to the global economic crisis confronting the whole world, more companies and industries keeps laying off their workers, probably, because of redundancy or unable to meet up with the economic challenges, yet, this companies and industries still recruits workers. The truth is that, the world is now in a stage where people are looking for value addition, people wants to see what you can do, companies wants see what you can do, or the content of your head, and not just the certificate. Passing through the university is just the starting point, not the end point. In school, you were a jack of all trade, but master of none. You did almost every course, whether you liked them or not. It isn’t about doing all the courses, but choosing the one best describes you. In each of the courses you did, there’s a relevant skill attached to it, choose the one that mostly appeals to you and develop yourself in that area. Make research in that area, and let it become your career. The most important question companies ask is, “what can you do”? You Should be able to say something about that area you’ve chosen and show the willingness to improve on it. More companies always hires people who have something to offer, and who can add value to their organization and make it grow. Develop some relevant skills that relates to your profession, before approaching any organization. You must not be perfect in that area, but have some knowledge on it and be able to clearly express yourself in that capacity. If you do this, i can assure you of securing your dream job in no distant time.