How To Handle And Deal With Problems And Challenges.

So many things we seem not to comprehend actually confronts us in life. Negative things that happens to us in life are often accompanied by sorrows, sadness, griefs, pains, and loss of joy and happiness. The manifestation of this negative feelings of grief, sadness, sorrow, worry, anxiety, fear, anger, depression, malice will definitely breakdown man’s body system. But when positive feelings of joy, gladness, happiness are vent, they will definitely build up the body systems and make it stronger. These positive feelings are mental diet that helps our emotions, strengthens our mind and helps our body system to function effectively. In life there’s always the positive and the negative side, in any negative thing that happens, there’s always a positive side of it. A strong mind builds a strong and energetic body, while a peaceful mind builds a calm body. A person of negative disposition, or a moody person is capable of transferring such feelings to others, through aggression. It is the inner man, that is the subconscious mind that gives the body either strength or weakness, depending on your reaction towards that problem or challenge. Our reaction to an unfavorable situation is undoubtedly what determines our mood, feelings and countenance. When you begin to concentrate on that problem and get involved in self pity, then you’re unknowingly aggravating it. But when you decide to ignore it and never concentrate on it, it wanes. In this life, no body can make you feel ‘bitter’ or better’ but you alone. It is how you react to the problem that matters. When people try to hurt or humiliate you, and you endeavor never to allow it inundate  your thoughts or you ignore them and just let it go, you don’t feel hurt. But when you begin to concentrate on it, and you’re always thinking about it, then you become defeated and your whole body feels weakened.

Most of the heart diseases a lot of people have today, is consequently because they always inundate their minds with negative things. The body receives strength from the mind, but when the mind is filled with negative feelings, thoughts and emotions which causes sadness, depression, unhappiness, pains and griefs, the mind becomes weakened and can no longer give out strength to the whole body, and if this is not controlled, it can lead to heart diseases or breakdown of health. Therefore, you definitely need to always feed your mind with good and positive thoughts, which is the only remedy for a healthy heart.

Sometimes, bad news could us make us feel depressed and dejected, and we begin to accumulate some negative thoughts and feelings that may result in total loss of happiness. When we hear some unfavorable news, the first thing to do, is look for a quiet place and sit down. It isn’t a time to begin to repeat and rehearse the news or focus on it, rather the essence is to bring our countenance and mood down, so that we can properly plan and strategize on how to solve the problem. For by the countenance of the mind, the heart is made straight. Another way to avoid feeling bad as a result of bad news, is to avoid listening to them, because they do us no good.Some people may deliberately want to spoil your mood and make you feel unhappy, but its left for you to refrain from listening to them, and concentrate on other things that will help to increase your happiness and build up your strength.

In order to overcome your problems and challenges, you should be aware that the problems, pains, challenges and discomforts of the world are universal, and they’re not peculiar to you alone. The problems of the world are inevitable, as long as we continue to exists, they’re transient and temporary, but overcoming them absolutely depends on how you handle and react to them.

Problems and challenges are experiences in life that helps to make us stronger and more sophisticated. They help to mature us both physically, mentally and emotionally and also prepare us for some greater task ahead. You need not be frightened when they come, stand and face them with a positive mental alertness, remain calm so that you’ll be able to make the right decisions when it comes. Your ability to be able to handle your problems and challenges makes you stronger and remain unbeaten. 


What is the real secret to living a happy life? A lot of people often mistake prosperity, money, wealth, fame as the secret of happiness in life. Money or wealth could actually bring happiness, but is it the real source of happiness in life? Definitely not. Because there are also countless number of people who possess wealth and have got everything that makes life very comfortable for them, yet they lack the desired happiness. The secret to happiness in life isn’t the amount of wealth you acquire, but how many lives you are able to affect positively. Human beings are made for connection, and to compliment each other. We are created for a purpose, and that purpose is to add value to life through making positive impacts in the life of others. When you’re able to help someone achieve their dreams, render an assistance, give both moral and financial support, or whatever you do that lifts up the other person, or make them overcome their challenges, you get fulfilment and satisfaction and that is the secret of living a happy life. Most people are oblivious of this fact, they lack the attitude of helping others, especially those who are in need. And it is absolutely responsible for their lack of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction eventhough they’ve got everything that makes life pleasant and worthwhile. When you develop this attitude of fulfilling a need in other peoples life, rendering support, solving problems and making people have a happy life, you’re also unknowingly creating your own happiness, and you’ll definitely get fulfilment and satisfaction from it. Everybody desires and deserves a happy life, but not everybody can get it without the support of others. Never allow the ingratitude of some people to deter you from rendering support to those who need them. Human beings are intrinsically good, when you always have the mind of making positive impacts in peoples lives, you’re undoubtedly fulfilling the purpose of creation, and you’ll definitely be rewarded for it. At the end of the day, you’re not going to be remembered for the amount of wealth you acquired, or how rich you were, but how many lives you were able to influence positively.


The first thing you ought to know if you’re suffering from shyness, is that you’re not alone. Infact majority of people reports feeling shy in social situations (even if it doesn’t look that way to others). Shyness is an internal experience, and is not necessarily visible to the outside world. Infact, shyness is often misconstrued with coldness, aloofness or “snootiness” by other people. You can be surrounded by shy people all of the time without realizing it. Just knowing these alone can help reduce the feeling of shyness and isolation a bit. One way to ease your general feeling of shyness anywhere is to, look around for someone who seems to even be more shy than you, and go talk to him or her. Approaching someone who feels more shy than you, will help you feel more confident and less alone. You can as well talk about your common feelings of discomfort in social situations and feel supported. After this successful experience, you’ll probably feel ready to branch out and talk to more people. At least, you may have found a new friend. When we are feeling shy, our attention is turned inward, and we are preoccupied with fears of being judged by other people. This is very inhibiting, and makes us feel awkward. One way to deal with this, is to turn our attention outward. You can do this, by focusing on what we like about the other person. Imaging saying positive, appreciative things to that person like: “i like your smile” or “i like how alive you appear today” or whatever it is, that makes the person appealing to you. Then feel and say these appreciations to the person in your head as you approach him or her. You will be coming towards that person with the positive energy of appreciation, rather than the energy of fear of rejection. This will help you feel more at ease and feel more better towards the other person. This technique can be quiet helpful. My last recommendation, is practice. The more you try these techniques, the more comfortable you’ll become. Always remember that you are not alone. Most of us do feel shy in social situations. Practice these techniques, and you’ll meet more people in general, and hopefully that special one. Shy people of the world unite!! Shynessshy-main_full2-468x366