How Introverts Can Overcome Their Low Self-Esteem.

51hVcN9HuAL._SY300_. The World is blessed or endowed with two main categories of persons, which are the: “introverts and extroverts”. And it has benefited immensely from the great qualities and potentials of these two. The introverts as well as the extroverts possesses some specific qualities, characteristics and potentials that are very distinct from each other, and which if adequately exploited will undoubtedly help to add more value to life. Both the introverts and extroverts can’t do without each other, as they both complement each other in any area of life. Any religious organization, industry, Business organization, community and government parastatals cannot do without the services of both the introverts and extroverts in their quest to achieve success. The qualities and great potentials of these two categories of persons must be properly harnessed, combined and blended together in other to achieve maximum success. If these two are assigned roles that conforms to their specific qualities and characteristics, great will be the result. Now, who is an “introvert”? And who is an “extrovert”. For the purpose of this particular post, i’m going to focus mainly on the introverts and talk about their qualities, characteristics, their major weakness and how they can overcome it. In my subsequent post, i will discuss the extroverts in details. Please comeback to read the full version of this post. The introverts, like their name implies, likes everything internal to them. They spend more time with themselves than with the outside world. These categories of people enjoys the gregarious lifestyle and likes the indoor routines. You hardly see them outside except on purpose or only when they’ve got something very important to accomplish. They do not like being in company of the crowd and believes in keeping quiet when you’ve got nothing reasonable to say. However, these categories of people are the most gifted and well-endowed in the world. They are extremely intelligent and analytical by nature. They ‘ve got the ability to analytically visualize the end of anything from the beginning. The introverts are highly intelligent people and are very good in whatever they do, and they also excel in what they’ve determined to do, especially if it conforms to their basic qualities and characteristics. But one major weakness the introverts are often confronted with is, Low Self-Esteem or poor perception of themselves. It is absolutely unimaginable that people who are so much gifted, well-endowed and have high intelligence could still battle with low self-esteem or even lack of self-esteem. This post will help you, if you’re an introvert, to discover the major causes of your low self-esteem and how to overcome it. overcome-low-self-esteem. Quiet a number of reasons are responsible for the low self-esteem of the introverts. One thing you ought to understand is that self-esteem starts from the inside and becomes visible outside. So, if you’re battling with low self-esteem, that means you lack inward confidence. One major reason introverts have low self-esteem is because they’re “perfectionist”. An introvert wants everything he does to be 100 percent right. Anything short of 100 percent, is not acceptable to them, and it makes them feel under-achieved, which breeds in them a wrong perception that others could have done better. This also makes them place a very high standards on themselves that will be very difficult to keep. An introvert is never satisfied despite what he’s accomplished in life, they still try to compare themselves with others, and this unnecessary comparisons gives rise to a feeling of inferiority. The introvert ought understand that nobody is perfect and nothing made by man can be 100percent perfect. Therefore, they should always be happy and compliment their effort. Another reason is that an introvert always show too much concern about what people say, think or feel about them. They derive joy in the praises of people, which they do not always get, they always want to appear faultless as they can, which is unrealizable. They like to consider and prefer others above themselves, which makes them want to please everybody at their own expense. Outwardly, they may appear to be inconsiderate, but inwardly, they’re very considerate. The introverts should realize that they can’t satisfy or please everybody. Introverts are very nice and gentle people, but they’ve got to deal with low self-esteem.