Starting Your Own Blog.

Starting your own blog could be one of best decision you can make today. But there’s more to being a successful blogger than starting a blog. Certainly, the first step to becoming a successful blogger, is to start a blog. Before deciding to start a blog, you definitely must ask yourself. What do i need a blog for, or why do i want start a blog? No one else can answer this question, but you alone. And until you answer this pertinent question, and be resolute with your answer, you may not go too far in your blogging career. A whole lot of my readers often ask me, how can they set up their own blog? It is because of this incessant questions, that i decided to pitch my blogging career around this title: “Effective Blogging Tips For Bloggers”. Like i said earlier, before setting up your own blog, you must first define in clear terms, what you want to do with a blog. Setting up a blog is quiet easy, but being consistent and successful is where the onus lies. This is the major reason, so many people loose interest in blogging immediately after setting it up. Becoming a successful blogger, requires passion, patience, commitment and good writing skills. You need hardwork and an enduring attitude to become a successful and renowned blogger. It takes time for you to succeed as a blogger. But with hardwork, patient and absolute commitment to your dream and passion, the sky will definitely be your starting point. In starting your own blog, you must clearly define your passion, which area are you passionate about, or which aspect do you have knowledge and expertise in, that you want to share with the world. You need to choose any area that interests you most, which you feel you’ve got the necessary knowledge and experience that others need to learn from. Probably, you’ve got good ideas, knowledge and experience in business, entrepreneurship, entertainment, application development, web development, cars, relationship, social media or any area you feel people should know about. Your blog ought to be hinged about that area, and blog consistently about it. The next thing to decide when starting your own blog, is which platform should you use as your blogging platform. WordPress and Blogger are the biggest and well known blogging platforms. Every blogger actually started with either of this platforms, before going for their own domain name. Therefore, you definitely need to choose between this two platforms, depending on what you want from your blog. Starting a blog on either wordpress or blogger is free, you pay nothing to get it started, but there are limitations if you don’t own your own domain. In my subsequent posts, i will be highlighting the difference between this two blogging platforms, so you can know which one is good for you. THANKS! yourownblog


The current economic challenge confronting the whole world is overwhelming. Unemployment in almost every country of the world is increasing at an alarming rate. More and more industries and smsall business continues to lay off their workers, and close shop respectively due to redundancy and perhaps, the dwindling nature of the economy, hence the world is being faced with an economic crisis. In the 80’s and early 90’s, getting a job that meets your dreams and aspirations, and make feel fulfilled, immediately after college was so easy, such that you don’t have to wait for so long to get the job that meets your expectation, because the jobs were readily available . But today, securing your dream job has become so awkward, that you’ve got to wait for a very long time to secure one. Probably, one that limits your capacity and does not fulfil your goals in life. Its bad enough to be without a job, but worse to be in the wrong job or career. Therefore, it won’t be out of place to predict that, in future, getting a job that meets your goals and aspirations would be like passing the camel through the eye of a needle. If there’s any time to start thinking entrepreneurship, i believe there’s no better time than now. Because entrepreneurs drives the economy and determines their cash flow. The world needs more entrepreneurs to tackle its economic challenges.