Donald Trump Set To Deport or Jail Three Million Illegal Migrants.

d-trump-speech_001Donald TrumpThe United States of America president-elect, Mr. Donald J. Trump is leaving no stone unturned in making good his campaign promise. The United States business mogul during his presidential election campaign for the U.S White House race has consistently frowned at the rate of illegal migrants into the United States, and vowed to deport them if he becomes the president. His statement attracted a very wide range of condemnation across the world. Some called him a racist, others said he is xenophobic, and he lacks the temperament to lead a country as the United States of America. However, this did not deter the americans, particularly majority of the white american voters who believe his idealogy and bought into his philosophy from voting for him, and he eventually emerged the winner of the election with those campaign promises. Although, Donald Trump won the keenly contested election with the electoral college votes on the platform of the republican party, also known as the “conservatives” in the United States, against his strongest rival, Mrs. Hilary Clinton, who contested on the platform of the democratic party, which are also known as the “liberals” in the U.S election. Hence, Mr. Trump received a lot of bashing and so many knocks from both the liberals and their ardent supporters all over the world for being undemocratic with his comments but he shocked the whole world by still emerging the winner with that campaign promise a lot of people considered as racist comment. One may rightly say, may be Mr. Trump spoke the mind of majority of americans by telling them what they want to hear, hence his emergence as the 45th president-elect of America. Now, for those who thinks Mr. Donald Trump may renege on his campaign promises or tone down his comments on deporting illegal migrants, having won the election should better start getting ready to leave the United States of America because the president-elect is not going back on his words, and he’s leaving no stone unturned to make real his threats. The U.S business mogul and president-elect had on monday, November 14, 2016 repeated it that he will deport or jail three million illegal migrants when he’s sworn-in on 20th January, 2017. Of this 3million illegal migrants, africans are more, and particularly nigerians, which he specifically mentioned. I believe it is time for african leaders to brace up and offer good governance to its citizenry. Love Donald Trump or loathe him, we all can attest to the fact that Africa is backward in terms of development, and who underdeveloped it, its the leaders, because of their laziness and greed. When the leaders steal money, they run to America and other countries to bank or invest it, consequently improving the economy of those countries and leaving theirs impoverished. Hence, this makes the citizens become so desperate in search of some greener pastures in other countries either by hook or by crook. I sincerely believe that they should all come back and work to develop their own country, so that Africa, and particularly Nigeria will be as developed as those other countries they run to. What do you think?

Update: Alleged Masterminder of Leaked Miss Anambra Lesbian Sextape Revealed.

uchemiss-anambra Uche Nworah, the man on the right side of the picture above is allegedly being rumoured to be behind the leaked lesbian sextape of the beauty queen, miss Anambra known as Chidinma Okeke. Uche Nworah, who is also the chairman of Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) in Anambra state, is reported to have entered into agreement with the erstwhile beauty queen prior to her nomination. Report has it that Chidinma Okeke in her desperation to be crowned miss Anambra agreed to pay a certain amount of money, about two million naira to Uche Nworah throughout the one year duration of her being on the throne as Anambra beauty queen. Having entered the agreement, she kept to it, and had been paying the money in tranches since 2015, and the sum of one million eight hundred thousand naira was reported to have been paid in total. When she was recently approached by Mr. Uche Nworah towards the end of her tenure, to bring the balance of two hundred thousand naira, she refused, and decided to disdain the organizers of the event, because according to her, she’s now parleying with more influential people in the industry. This attitude did not go down well with Mr. Uche Nworah and other organizers who were part of the agreement, hence they decided to get back at her by releasing her first lesbian sex video with her face not showing in the video. They did this believing that she will retrace her steps and come back to reconcile with them. But the beauty queen rather than do that, went ahead to deny and disclaim the video, claiming she’s not the one in the video. This further prompted Mr. Uche Nworah to release the second video which clearly shows her face. Probably, Miss Anambra may have forgotten or not aware that her blackmailers still has her lesbian sextape video, and could use it to blackmail her if she reneges on the their agreement. What do you think?

Does Professor Wole Soyinka Have An Integrity Problem?

wole-soyinka Nigeria’s nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka may have gotten himself into trouble, as the controversy sorrounding his reckless statements prior to the November 8th 2016 United States presidential election seems to be generating a lot of reactions from nigerians and people all over the world. The nobel laureate winner had vowed that he will lacerate his United States green card if peradventure Donald Trump wins the presidential election. This statement did not go down well with so many nigerians, especially supporters of the U.S business mogul and now the president elect. A lot of people were outraged because such reckless statement was unbecoming of a man of the status of Professor Wole Soyinka, who is a nobel prize winner in Literature. On the 9th of November 2016, the republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump was declared winner of the keenly contested election having polled the highest number of electoral college votes. Hence, the media and those who were enraged by the comment of the nobel laureate were expecting him to make do his vow, when he was confronted with his comment he disappointed his admirers and the whole world by reneging on his promise, and said he’ll splitter his green passport and not his U.S green card if Donald Trump is sworn-in on the 20th of January 2017. What do you make of this? Does Prof. Wole Soyinka have integrity problem?

What Donald Trump Told Biafra Agitators During His Campaign.

biafraDonald Trump The republican candidate in the United States November 8, 2016 presidential election, Donald J.Trump, in one of his campaign visits had reportedly told the agitators of the republic of Biafra waving the biafran flag at him, that those of them who wants Biafra republic should consider it a reality in his government. He also said he’ll give all the necessary support to make sure Biafra becomes a reality. Well all know how powerful and influential the United State president is, when it comes to world politics, and influencing the United Nations in decision making. What does this portend for the future of Nigeria if this promise becomes real? And how will this affect the relationship between the nigerian government and the republican candidate, should incase he emerges the winner of the election? Only time will tell, after the November 8 election. LETS WAIT AND SEE!

Deployment of Warships And Military To Niger Delta.

militantswarship The federal government through the nigerian navy has deployed four warships and 3,400 military personels to the oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria. According to a statement issued by the eastern naval officer commanding in Onne, Rivers state, the warships are meant to combat sea piracy, crude oil theft, pipeline vandalisation by Niger Delta militants and maritime security in Nigeria, particularly in the Niger Delta region. This latest action of federal government is coming a day after a meeting of the leaders and elders of Niger Delta with president Muhammadu Buhari, to ressolve the agitations in the oil rich region. The leaders presented a 16 key demands to the federal government, which includes relocation of the administrative headquaters of the IOC’s to the Niger Delta region, and allocation of oil blocs to the indigens of the region. However, one of the militant groups, the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate(NDGJM) under the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has dissociated itself from the meeting, saying the leaders are serving their selfish interest, and not representing them. This consequently led to the blowing up of another forcados crude export line in Batan community in Delta state Nigeria, which the NDGJM had claimed responsibility. The federal government through the nigerian navy responded immediately in deploying 4 warships and 3,400 military men to the oil rich region. The warships are: Nigeria Navy Ship(NNS) Okpabana, NNS Ologbo, NNS Burutu, NNS Sagbama and a naval August helicopter. The latest exercise by the military in the Niger Delta is codenamed “Exercise Sharkbite”. Will this latest action of the federal government quell the agitations in the oil rich region or will it worsen it? Only time will tell. Lets keep our fingers crossed and watch what happens in the days ahead.

Severe Acute Malnutrition Ravaging IDP’s Camp In Nigeria.

idp-boko-haram-nigeriasevere-acute-malnutrition It is absolutely disheartning that inspite of the millions of cash and food items donated by individuals, local and international donor agencies, a lot of internally displaced persons in IDP’s camps in Bokoharam ravaged communities in North-East, Nigeria are still suffering from severe acute malnutrition. This situation had consequently led to the death of many mal-nourished children and the elderly. It is very apalling the precarious situation we find ourselves. When will the black man, particularly nigerians change and stop being greedy? When will we begin to have value for human lives? The truth is that, it is in a black man’s nature to be greedy and have less value for human life. Some of the people posted to oversee things in the IDP’s camps divert the millions of cash and food items meant to take care of the displaced persons for their own family and personal use, leaving the helpless people to die of malnutrition and most times, starvation. ‘GREED’ in indeed. I believe the federal government should investigate what is going on in the internally displaced persons camps, and take full responsibility. International observers, donor agencies and civil societies should take over and monitor every activity in IDP camps in north-east, Nigeria in order to forestall further deaths of innocent children and elderly due to severe acute malnutrition.

Where Is Justice For Trayvon Martins?

zimmerman2A Stanford court in Florida, United States of America has brazingly discharged guilty Mr. George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is an american man who is famous for fatally shooting a young black american boy, known as Trayvon Martins on February 26, 2012 in Stanford Florida, United States. Inspite of all appeals from parents of the young boy and other black americans for justice, the Stanford court went ahead to set free Mr. Zimmerman. What does this act portends for the judiciary? Can the world still get justice from our courts? #NoJusticeNoPeace.

U.S Presidential Election: The Challenge Before The Electorates.

gty_trump_clinton_jef_150617_16x9_992 I have been consitently following the goings-on in the upcoming November 8, 2016 United States presidential election. I have watched with so much admiration the campaigns of the two political parties, the democratic and the republican party. I have also listened and watched the debates between the main contenders of the election. Eventhough, the debates most times was mared with a lot of personal attacks, verbal attacks and campaigns of calumny. But in all, i must say the processes leading to the election has been very interesting, with all the accusations and counter-accusations. However, having listened to and watched the two main contenders in the imminent election, the major challenge before the american electorates or voters, is being able to make their minds on whom to vote for. Some might be at a crossroad about whom to cast their vote for, while others will remain undecided and neutral because they are yet to see their ideal candidate. Looking at the physical apperance of both Hilary Clinton of the democratic party and Donald Trump of the republican party, and how they’ve been able to articulate their points and present their manifestos to the electorates, we can all agree on the face value, without any iota of doubt that both of them are eminently qualified to occupy the whitehouse. However, we might been making a big mistake hinging our decisions to vote only on their campaign promises and manifestos alone, without due consideration for the temperament of both candidates, to determine who among them have the character and capacity to deliver on those promises and tackle the prevailing challenges confronting the american citizens. Obviously, both candidates have good manifestos and wonderful promises, but it does not suffice to determine who will make a better leader and equal to the task of surmounting the present real challenges facing the most powerful nation in the world. Temperament is one factor that can be used to determine who’ll make a better leader or more suited for a particular situation a people finds themselves in. Temperament is the sumtotal of everything we’re made of. It is responsible for all our actions and inactions. It controls the way we eat, sleep, drive, what we think about other people, how we relate with people, how we do business, our intelligence, even how we lead others when we are entrusted with any leadership position. Virtually everything we do in life, and traits we exhibit can be traced to our temperament. Hence, the temperament of both Donald and Hilary are to be considered in deciding who among them occupies the white house, especially when both are locked in a two-horse race. We must determine who among them has the better temperament that’s required to tackle the present challenges confronting the U.S and the world at large. Through out the old time, God has always chosen leaders to accomplish a specific purpose. When he wanted the children of Israel to be delivered from captivity in Egypt, he choose Moses, who’s a stammerer and not even the bravest of men. He could have chosen someone else, because he saw in Moses the potential of a deliverer who does not like to see people suffer. When he wanted to destroy Nebuchadnezzar, he choose an uncompromising Daniel, God choose Joseph to be the Prime minister in Egypt to end the famine in Israel. All through ages, God has always chosen leaders for a specific purpose. Why most countries are in turmoil today, is because they’re yet to choose the right leader that can resolve a particular challenge facing them at that moment. There are no bad leaders, all leaders are good, but there are bad times. Now, lets go back to our topic. I have been watching and following both Hilary and Trump, and i can unequivocally decipher their temperament to determine who is a more qualified candidate. Although, Hilary is very intelligent and analytical, but she’s very diplomatic, cunning, moody. Gets angry when things does not go her way, and can be hurtful with words. She’s a combination of melancholy and choleric temperament. Hence, i call her “melchlor”. She’ll do very well in maintaining status quo, in terms of employent, trade and economy. But not in foreign policy, fighting terrorism and giving America a strong voice in the world. Trump on the otherhand, has charisma, he’s decisive, vocal and full of activity, such people can initiate and accomplish any new project they set out to accomplish. He’s a ‘chlorsan” a combination of choleric & sanguine temperament. He’ll do extremely well in giving America a strong voice, fighting terrorism, foreign policy because of his charismatic nature and probably in trade and economy as a successful business man. I believe with these short insight, you can make your mind.

Nepal Earthquake: A Major Natural Disaster.

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the good people of Nepal, and the families that lost their loved ones in that major natural disaster.

A Nepali man carries recovered belongings through the street in the ancient city of Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu Valley on April. 28, 2015. Nepal had a severe earthquake on April 25th. Photo by Adam Ferguson for Time

A Nepali man carries recovered belongings through the street in the ancient city of Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu Valley on April. 28, 2015. Nepal had a severe earthquake on April 25th. Photo by Adam Ferguson for Time

Nepal used to be a very peaceful and quiet country, until this major earthquake struck her on 25th April, 2015 causing untold pains and agony to the citizens of this serene country. I believe that day will remain memorable in their minds. God grant them the fortitude to bear these irreparable loss.

UK’s Election And The Future of EU.

David Cameron has been re-elected as the United Kingdom Prime minister under the platform of the conservative party, in what seems to be a fierce electoral contest between the Conservatives and Labour. But all seems not to be going on well in the UK government, and between the two foremost political parties. As the emergence of the conservative David Cameron was greeted with wide protests and riots, which is also threatning a major shake-up in the European Union. david-cameron the coming days of the conservatives at the helm of affairs in UK’s government will definitely determine the future of EU.

Same-Sex Marriage: What A Failed Generation!

The legalization of same-sex or gay marriage in 38 states of the United States and some European countries is a depiction of the fact that we have a failed and barbaric generation. Same-sex marriage dates back to the generation of Sodom and Gomorrah. Then, it was called ‘Sodomy’ and those involved in such immoral acts were called sodomites. Their unwholesome, ignoble and immoral acts infuriated God, that he had to destroy that generation with fire. Presently, this generation has immorally degenerated to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Which makes it very barbaric. Legalizing same-sex marriage is a symbol of total depraivity of man, because it negates the natural principles of on which the world was created, and a total alienation from the original plan of God for man. GayWhat legacies are we really leaving behind for our future generation? What are we really teaching our kids, that same-sex marriage is good, and there’s nothing wrong about it? I think we’ve descended so low, even below the level of animals. I strongly believe that this generation has failed, if we really cannot build a good and lasting legacies for the future generation.

A Good Leader And A Great Leader: What Makes The Difference?

businesswoman drawing plan of Leadership. The problem of leadership has been a major challenge confronting the entire world, especially the third world countries. The world seems to be in want of quality leaders who can profer solutions and tackle its enormous challenges. It seems all we’ve got right now are leaders who cannot see beyond their nose, leaders who aren’t proactive in their actions and leadership style, leaders who only live in the present without taking concrete steps to preserve and safeguard the future, and leaders who has ran out of ideas of what it takes to overcome the world’s global challenges of terrorism, climate change and global warming. I have taken time to observe two major kinds of leaders: The good leader, and the great leader. There’s a very big difference between both. A good leader is a great manager, he manages very well and thrives on existing structures, standards and legacies, but can hardly create those structures or create a new path and set new standards for others to follow. Great leaders thrives on creativity, vision, they are driven by the passion to make positive impacts and leave a lasting legacy in the minds of their followers. They create new pathways for others to follow, they seek to find solutions to every problem, they’re problem solvers. The hallmark of a great leader is self-sacrifice. The world presently seems to have more of good or ordinary leaders than great or extra-ordinary leaders.

How Introverts Can Overcome Their Low Self-Esteem.

51hVcN9HuAL._SY300_. The World is blessed or endowed with two main categories of persons, which are the: “introverts and extroverts”. And it has benefited immensely from the great qualities and potentials of these two. The introverts as well as the extroverts possesses some specific qualities, characteristics and potentials that are very distinct from each other, and which if adequately exploited will undoubtedly help to add more value to life. Both the introverts and extroverts can’t do without each other, as they both complement each other in any area of life. Any religious organization, industry, Business organization, community and government parastatals cannot do without the services of both the introverts and extroverts in their quest to achieve success. The qualities and great potentials of these two categories of persons must be properly harnessed, combined and blended together in other to achieve maximum success. If these two are assigned roles that conforms to their specific qualities and characteristics, great will be the result. Now, who is an “introvert”? And who is an “extrovert”. For the purpose of this particular post, i’m going to focus mainly on the introverts and talk about their qualities, characteristics, their major weakness and how they can overcome it. In my subsequent post, i will discuss the extroverts in details. Please comeback to read the full version of this post. The introverts, like their name implies, likes everything internal to them. They spend more time with themselves than with the outside world. These categories of people enjoys the gregarious lifestyle and likes the indoor routines. You hardly see them outside except on purpose or only when they’ve got something very important to accomplish. They do not like being in company of the crowd and believes in keeping quiet when you’ve got nothing reasonable to say. However, these categories of people are the most gifted and well-endowed in the world. They are extremely intelligent and analytical by nature. They ‘ve got the ability to analytically visualize the end of anything from the beginning. The introverts are highly intelligent people and are very good in whatever they do, and they also excel in what they’ve determined to do, especially if it conforms to their basic qualities and characteristics. But one major weakness the introverts are often confronted with is, Low Self-Esteem or poor perception of themselves. It is absolutely unimaginable that people who are so much gifted, well-endowed and have high intelligence could still battle with low self-esteem or even lack of self-esteem. This post will help you, if you’re an introvert, to discover the major causes of your low self-esteem and how to overcome it. overcome-low-self-esteem. Quiet a number of reasons are responsible for the low self-esteem of the introverts. One thing you ought to understand is that self-esteem starts from the inside and becomes visible outside. So, if you’re battling with low self-esteem, that means you lack inward confidence. One major reason introverts have low self-esteem is because they’re “perfectionist”. An introvert wants everything he does to be 100 percent right. Anything short of 100 percent, is not acceptable to them, and it makes them feel under-achieved, which breeds in them a wrong perception that others could have done better. This also makes them place a very high standards on themselves that will be very difficult to keep. An introvert is never satisfied despite what he’s accomplished in life, they still try to compare themselves with others, and this unnecessary comparisons gives rise to a feeling of inferiority. The introvert ought understand that nobody is perfect and nothing made by man can be 100percent perfect. Therefore, they should always be happy and compliment their effort. Another reason is that an introvert always show too much concern about what people say, think or feel about them. They derive joy in the praises of people, which they do not always get, they always want to appear faultless as they can, which is unrealizable. They like to consider and prefer others above themselves, which makes them want to please everybody at their own expense. Outwardly, they may appear to be inconsiderate, but inwardly, they’re very considerate. The introverts should realize that they can’t satisfy or please everybody. Introverts are very nice and gentle people, but they’ve got to deal with low self-esteem.

Are You An Optimist Or A Realist?

quote-i-always-like-to-look-on-the-optimistic-side-of-life-but-i-am-realistic-enough-to-know-that-life-walt-disney-224597. Are You A Realist Or An Optimist? A realist sees things the way they are. An Optimist sees things the way he expects them to be. A realist always want to face the fact. An optimist always want to overlook the facts or close his eyes to them. A realist wants to confront a challenge headlong. An optimist is patient. A realist always view things from a realistic point of view. An optimist views things from an optimistic point of view. Which one are you? A Realist or An Optimist? How do you see life? How do you view things happening around you or in your personal life? It is good to be optimistic or always express optimism in life. But it is better to face reality, be factual and always view things from a realistic perspective.

How To Study Effectively And Retain What You’ve Studied In Your Memory For A Longer Time.

Reading and understanding. A lot of medical experts, scientists, psychologists and guidance and counsellors had recommended various food nutrients and supplements, good advice, tips and counsels on how to boost your memory and have longer retentive memory. Perhaps, you’ve heeded all their recommendations, tips, advice and counsels, but to no avail and you still find it very difficult to recollect even the simplest things you read a while ago.Short memories or being unable to retain for a long time what you’ve read is the challenge most students face and responsible for being unable to excel in their exam.This post is based on my own personal experience and findings on the best way to study and still retain what you’ve studied for a very long time. There’s no denying the fact that the advice,counsel and tips are not good enough,or that the food nutrients and supplements recommended are not efficient enough especially if right adhered to. For instance, medical experts has asserted that iodine is very effective for developing and improving the memory. So, children should be given meals containing iodine from childhood to help their memory develop, and should be exposed to books with pictures at an early stage in other to have a very strong memory in their adulthood. Adults are also encouraged to eat meals and fruits containing iodine, and excercise regularly in other to keep their brain and memory very active. All these recommendations and tips can help, but i feel its better to share from experience. Which is why i hold a firm belief that the ability to study and be able to retain in your memory for a very long time what you’ve studied is more of your attitude, approach and the study method you adopt. A lot of people believe that they’ve got a short memory and use it as an excuse for being unable to recollect what they’ve spent time to study, NO! Nobody is created with a short memory, it absolutely depends on how you develop, exercise and expose your brain and mind. The power of the brain and mind is very essential in having a longer retentive memory. If your brain and mind are very active, you’ll definitely have a longer retentive memory. The brain is meant for capturing things, calculating and understanding. While the mind is for analyzing and retaining what the brain has captured and understood. These two must work together to achieve a better result and have a longer retentive memory. The best way to retain what you’ve studied, is to understand it. And you can’t understand without studying effectively. There’s difference between reading and studying and a lot of people confuse both or think they’re the same. Studying is more intense than reading. Reading can be casual, having no clear-cut goal, but studying must be done with utmost seriousness with a set goal of understanding and retaining what you’ve studied. In studying, all your five senses must be totally engrossed with the book wihout any distraction. But in reading, you can be reading and still be talking to someone or thinking of other things. Studying is more analytical and you seek to comprehend every word, phrase or clause in the book. But you can neglect whatever you don’t understand in the book and continue reading. Probably, because you’re enjoying what you’re reading. So, theres a big distinction between reading and studying. For you to retain what you’ve studied in your memory for a longer time, you must study effectively. Endeavour to understand every bit of what you’re studying. Analyze what you’re studying by painting a mental picture of it in your mind, and try to relate them with what you see everyday in life or real life situations. Rather than dwell on the abstract things you’re studying in the book, try to create or consider a scenario of those things in your head to make it more concrete. Because the mind retains more, what the eye catches or a situation that appears real than just what the ear hears without the eye seeing it. A lot of people also cram and pile up things in their head. Craming isn’t bad so to say, but craming alone will not suffice if you don’t understand what you’re craming. When you cram or memorize without understanding what you’re memorizing, the chances of forgetting is very high. Because the knowledge only stops in the brain, it has not gotten to the mind for it to stick. The brain can easily fail you as human, but whatever is committed to the mind can never be totally forgotten. And this is one major factor that’s responsible for not being able to retain something in the memory for too long. You memorize without understanding. Study effectively in a cool place, understand every word before going further. And allow your mind to analyze.

What Niche Bloggers Can Do to Attract Traffic

The Blog

As bloggers, we write about our passions and obsessions. Interested in Autism? Drawing? Cooking? Sobriety and recovery? Humor? No matter which subject you choose to write about, there’s a community of people on who share your interests. In today’s post, we’ll look at three ways niche bloggers can find their tribe, grow their communities, and attract traffic to their sites.

Tagging FTW

Tagging your posts is critical to finding your community. When you tag a post, you’re grouping it among posts on that same topic. When a user searches that tag in the Reader, your post will appear in the list of posts returned. Tagging puts you in front of new readers, expanding your reach to those who are interested in the same subjects.

As you tag, be sure to consider related topics. For example, if you blog about cooking exploits and…

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Ebola Outbreak Reaches “Unprecedented” Proportions , Cases Now Found In Three Countries


Guinea: Mobilization Against Ebola Epidemic

” With eight confirmed cases of Ebola reported in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is facing an unprecedented epidemic regarding the distribution of the disease, which is present in several locations in Guinea.

  To date, Guinean health authorities have recorded 122 suspected patients and 78 deaths. Other cases, suspected or diagnosed, were found in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The outbreak features the Zaire strain of the virus, the most aggressive and deadly. It kills more than nine out of 10 patients. In addition to Conakry, there are cases in Gueckedou, Macenta, Kissidougou, and Nzerekore.”

MSF Ebola

” We are facing an epidemic of a magnitude never before seen in terms of the distribution of cases in the country,”  said Mariano Lugli, coordinator of MSF’s project in Conakry.

  MSF continues to strengthen its teams in Guinea. By the end of…

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Why Nigeria Unemployed Graduates Should Start Thinking of Creating Jobs For Themselves.

As i take a critical and introspective look at the state of affairs in this great nation(Nigeria) and its future, with the increasing number of unemployed graduate and the alarming rate of unemployment currently ravaging the country. I cannot but ask myself this question: “Is there really hope for the youths who are supposed to be the leaders of this nation in years to come? I doubt if we are on the right part to securing the future of our great country, and if we are making any concrete plans for the so-called future leaders of tomorrow, looking at the high rate of unemployment and unproductivity. Because an unemployed person is not only bankrupt, but also lacks the capacity to be productive. UNEMPLOYMENTUnemployedPlayDrafLagos. For instance , the recent recruitment exercise conducted by the Nigerian Immigration Service(NIS), in which 18 people lost their lives, as a result of stampede. Six million unemployed or underemployed graduates applied for only four thousand five hundred available immigration jobs. Can you imagine the overwhelming level of unemploment? The facct is that government lacks the will and capacity to create job for everybody. The unsteady state of the economy, unfavourable environment and the spate of insecurity makes it difficult for investors to invest in the country, which also contributes to the high rate of unemployment. The only way you can overcome these challenge of unemployment, is to be creative, look inwards to discover what you can do to create job for yourself. There’s no better time than now to start thinking of becoming your own boss.

The Importance of Perseverance and Determination.

Perseverance and determination are two essential success ingredients that cannot be overlooked when it comes to succeeding in any endeavour of life. There is no retreat no surrender in success. You keep trying until you get to your final destination. Success is like a man digging the earth in search of gold, after he had dugged up to 10 feet and could not find the gold, he abandoned it. But all he needed to have dugged to see the gold, is more 2ft. Unfortunately for him, another man came in and continued from where he stopped, and dugged just 2ft, and he discovered the gold.

This website is titled: Ejims Global Consultancy Services. It is a consultancy and servicing business organization that counsels and gives advice on leadership, entrepreneurship, careers, lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, environment and industrial relations.

Photo Collection Of Damaged And Destroyed Aircraft


Damaged and Destroyed Aircraft

52 Photos


A B-17 that was able to limp home after being ...

Image Credit: Military Channel

” A B-17 that was able to limp home after being sliced by an ME-109. You can see plenty more Damaged B-17s in our Damaged B-17s Photo Gallery.”



Here’s another sample 



Realizing that he doesn't have enough altitude to execute a ...

Image Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III

” Realizing that he doesn’t have enough altitude to execute a split S maneuver, the USAF Thunderbirds pilot of this F-16 guided his plane away from a crowd of 60,000 and ejected seconds before the plane hit the ground in Idaho, September, 2003. Fortunately there were no casualties.”











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Scientists Unlock Key To Stress/Depression


Study unlocks structure of protein causing depression and anxiety

” Scientists at Heptares Therapeutics, a company based in the UK, have determined the structure of a protein molecule produced by the pituitary gland responsible for feelings of stress, anxiety and depression in humans.

  Scientists have long known that the pituitary gland plays an important role in stress, depression and anxiety responses by releasing stress chemicals into the blood.

  However, this is the first time that scientists have been able to describe the molecular structure of the protein receptor CRF1 and confirm its role as the chemical responsible for triggering the stress response.”

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Russian Business Meeting Becomes Shootout



“Two people were fatally wounded in a business dispute that ended in a shootout in central Siberia, regional police said Friday.

Staff from two construction firms clashed Thursday morning, reportedly over a school renovation tender both companies wanted to win. They agreed to meet later in the day to resolve their differences, the police said.

A director of one of the companies was one of those killed, the police confirmed, adding that 20 people were detained and a number of firearms seized.

A police investigation is underway.”





More videos at the link








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“Religion Of Peace” Adherents Stone Cell Phone Owner To Death

Photos: What a Wicked World?


Young Pakistani Woman Stoned To Death For Having A Cell Phone


File Photo

” Arifa, a mother of two, has been stoned to death on the orders of Panchayat (a tribal court) for possessing a cell phone. She was executed on 11 July in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab province. The victim was stoned to death by her uncle and relatives on the orders of Panchayat after she was found to have a mobile phone.

According to media reports her uncle, cousins and other relatives threw stones and bricks at her until she died. She was buried without informing anyone. Police registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the Panchayat but no one has been arrested. She was buried in a desert far away from her village and nobody (not even her children) was allowed to participate in the funeral. Her husband is unknown.”




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“The Religion of Peace” Claims Another Victim


Girl struck 15 times with an axe by BROTHER in attempted honor killing


” A 17-year-old girl whose brother tried to murder her in an ‘honour killing’ said she wishes she had died after surviving an axe attack, disowned by her family for escaping a forced marriage.At the age of 12, Gul Meena was married off to a 60-year-old man instead of being sent to school in Pakistan.Every day he would hit her. She would beg him to stop but he carried on, ignoring her tears.”

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Twitter Allows Celebs To Show Off Their Ignorance and Arrogance About Zimmerman Trial


Celebs Go Wild On Twitter

   Idiot celebrities offer their wisdom on George Zimmerman’s guilt and the lack of “justice” in the justice system .


The Trayvon Martin verdict doesn’t surprise me. Stanford, FL never wanted Zimmerman arrested. Now he’s free to kill another child.

— Ice Cube (@icecube) July 14, 2013


No justice. No peace. ?????

— Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) July 14, 2013


What are your thoughts? @BarackObama We’re allowed to disregard 911 operators, pursue and kill ppl now? But send lauryn hill to jail 4 TAXES

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) July 14, 2013


I bet if a black guy killed a little boy he would get arrested and found guilty..

— Madonna (@MDDNAA) July 14, 2013

Read the rest of the chorus from the liberal lockstep choir here







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Black On White Attacks Skyrocket In Age Of Obama


GRAPHIC VIDEO: Black Violence v. White Skyrockets; Media Dead Silent







” As pundits pondered whether calling George Zimmerman a “white a** cracker” was a racial epithet, black mob violence in other parts of the country proceeded apace last week, almost unnoticed.

In Niagara Falls, a black mob of 20 attacked a mother and her family on a picnic. They hurled racial slurs and told them they did not like their “Puerto Rican (expletive) music.”

Just a few hours earlier a few hundred miles away in Pittsburgh, a mob of black people “savagely beat” a white teenager, then stole his shoes. All on video. All the while screaming “World Star. World Star, ” apparently a reference to popular hip hop website that often features videos of black-mob violence.”





Just do a youtube search and you will find dozens of examples .

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High Schooler Invents Flashlight Powered By User’s Body Heat


15-Year-Old Creates A Flashlight Powered By Body Heat




” Tenth grader Ann Makosinski, with her body heat-powered flashlight, has attained a position within the 15 finalists who will be going to the Google Campus in Mountain View California to compete for the grand prize of $50,000.
Google Science Fair has taken interest in Makosinski’s energy conversion invention , Makosinski has been submitting projects to science fairs since Grade 6, and has been particularly interested in alternative energy ever since.

Now she has finally come up with “hollow flashlight” that can be powered by the heat of a user’s hand.”

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Fraud At Vatican Bank Results In Arrest Of Priest , Others


Priest Arrested For Fraud At Vatican Bank




” Italian police on Friday arrested a prelate, a financial broker and a former agent of the Italian Secret Service on corruption charges as part of a plot to transport 20 million euros from Switzerland to Italy in a private plane.

The priest, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano of Salerno, had already been suspended from his position as a member of the administration that manages the Vatican’s real estate assets (the APSA) about a month ago, as part of a separate money laundering investigation in connection with the probe into the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), as the Vatican bank is popularly known.

An investigation into Scarano’s bank account at the IOR led to the discovery of the suspected racket.”








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