8 Keys To Success With Women!

Being successful with women isn’t that awkward, if only you understand the BASICS, and execute them well. Then you’ll be way ahead of most other men out there. To be honest, most men are clueless, when it comes to being successful with women. Here are 8 keys to make you succeed with women. 1. ALWAYS JUDGE A WOMAN BY HER ACTIONS, NOT BY HER WORDS: If woman tells you, she like you, but does not respond to your touch, or if she says she likes you, but always acts differently. Don’t waste your time and energy, go by her actions. You have your eyes to see, and you must know when a woman’s actions does not match with her word. So that you dont feel being cheated or deceived. 2. DON’T TRY TO IMPRESS A WOMAN, RATHER, TRY TO INTEREST HER! When you “impress” a woman, you’re only getting her for the short term. The problem with impressing a woman, is that you have to always think of new tricks to keep her close. The man who impresses a woman, must be a magician, since he must always think of new tricks to bring her close. But the man who “interests” a woman is a painter. He paints beautifully that a person stands in awe to admire it. And each passing day it remains beautiful and everyone that sees the painting, knows that it is genuine beauty. Interest her, rather than impress her, so that you dont start what you can’t finish. Impressing a woman is “fake” interesting her, is “genuine” 3. NEVER FORCE A WOMAN TO LIKE YOU! If a woman never liked you to begin with, your money, gifts, flowers and chocolates won’t make her like you. In the same vein, if a woman already liked, your gifts are unnecessary, you can only give them to her, to get her more attracted to you, and love you more. 4. SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Attracting real women requires self improvement. When a man exercises and becomes stronger, he’s physical appearance changes, a woman notices. When a man studies hard and gets a job he desires, he changes, a woman notices it. When a man works on improving his life, and fulfilling his dreams, he changes, a woman take note of it. AMBITION is absolutely attractive to women. And this why real women are usually intrigued by a man who speaks and talks with ambition. These is why some women, will desire a man, even if he’s poor, if his ambition burns in his soul. Women associates ambition with potential! 5. LIVE A HAPPY LIFE: The only way to have a happy life, is to develop one for yourself, then leave an opening for others to come in and share it with you. A woman will not fulfil your life, you must fulfil it yourself. Then, she will come in and share in your happiness. Women dont like men that are always moody, they feel uncomfortable with such men, and may never want to come close to them. 6. BE THE BEST SALESMAN! Always observe the salesmen. There are certain salesmen that you’ll never buy from, and there are others you do. Observe the best salesmen, observe the way they talk to you, the way they package their products and how they act. Watch them, observe them, study them, and learn from them. Take it, or leave it, attracting a woman is the ability to sell. You have to prove to her why you’re better than the other men. 7. KNOW THIS RULE ABOUT WOMEN! A woman who truly likes you unconditionally, will always find time to be with you. She will never be too busy for you or to see you. Know this now! “if a woman ever tells you that she’s too busy to see you, you better understand that women makes time for men they love and cherish”. 8. TALK TO HER THE RIGHT WAY. There are lot of confusion on how to approach a woman and talk to her. Some people recommends pickup tips or memorizing words. But the sure way to get any woman to give you a listening ear is to, approach and talk to her like you’ve known her before. Approaching a woman like a total stranger makes her uncomfortable an insecured and she will immediately build a hedge inside her mind, that will be difficult for you to penetrate. But when you talk to her like a friend and not a stranger, she can stand to listen to you. Approaching her with statements like: helo, excuse me, or may i know you? Or you look familiar, especially when you know she’s a total stranger to you, isn’t the best. But start with words like: hello, how are you? You look good, i like your outfit. When you start that way, you’ve already done fifty percent of the job. Always look for something to commend about her, or try to know her present state. Use this keys and see your success with women!

The Fact About Life!

A particular woman had been in pain and sorrow for a very long time, because she had lost one of her sons. She had four sons and two daughters. This woman had been very sorrowful over her son’s death, that she became uncomfortable, even her remaining children could no longer console her. After much self-pity, so a day came, she decided to get rid of pains and sorrows entirely from her life. Therefore, she resolved to visit a herbalist home to ask for a charm that can take pains and sorrows away permanently from her life. She took off at once, on getting there, the herbalist welcomed her and asked, “woman, what’s your problem”? She replied, “i need a charm that can get rid of sorrows entirely from my life”. The man turned, and looked at her with great admiration, and said “woman, i’ve no charm to give thee that can take sorrow away permanently from your life.” but to help you, i’ll advice you go into the city, search for all the beautiful buildings, anyone you come across, enter there and enquire, “please i’m looking for a place where there’s no pain and sorrow, but only happiness, is this such place”? So the woman, being very excited and hopeful of getting a solution to her problem, took off at once. She came to first building, being very inquisitive, said “please i’m looking for a place where there’s no pain and sorrow, only happiness, is this such place”? The occupants looked at her, and replied, NO Madam! They began to narrate all the calamities that had befalling them just recently. She had pity on them, comforted them for a while, then continued her journey. She came to the second building, they welcomed her, then she enquired right away, “please i’m looking for a place where there’s no pain and sorrow, but only happiness, is this such place”? They answered, definitely NOT. And began to tell her the story of how they lost there only child to a fire incident. She was flabbergasted, she also sympatized and comforted them for a while, and left to other places. But to her chagrin, every house she went to, it is only one form of sad news or the other, she was busy comforting and consoling every household that she even forgot about her own problem. And she went back home being relieved of her pain. If you think your own condition is the worst, go out there, and see what others are passing through, then you’ll have no choice but to give thanks to God!!

IT Begins With You!

A young boy once said to himself, “when i grow up, i’ll change my world”. At precisely 25 years, he was set to actualize his dream. He’s ‘modus operandi’ was to travel from continent to continent to conscientize people on the need for attitudinal change, but he soon realized and thought within himself, that it would be a wide elephant project and will require a huge financial investment. Therefore, dropped the idea of going from continent to continent and narrowed it down to his own continent alone. After travelling to three countries in his continent, he discovered that it is very awkward changing people of different race, cultures, beliefs, languages etc. He became dissappointed since he’s passion is gradually waning. Therefore, he said to himself, “since i couldn’t change the world, and couldn’t change my continent, i think i have to comeback to my own country”. At least this is my country. He set out again, went from one media house to another, writing on newspapers to talk to his fellow citizens about attitudinal change, but he wondered, the more he preaches about change, the worse the attitude of his fellow citizen is getting. He became even more frustrated, he therefore resolved to go back to his community to begin the campaign for change of attitude. But he was extremely dissappointed and frustrated, because his kinsmen were not even ready to listen to his sermon. He therefore went back to his home, his immediate family, to begin the campaign there. But to his chagrin, as his children were growing up, they would not adhere to their father’s instruction, and were all going the wrong way. At this point, all his hopes has been dashed, and he was extremely frustrated because he is fifty years already and could not change a single soul. He sat down and said to himself again, “since i couldn’t change the world nor my continent, nor my country, nor my communty, not even my family, then, i think i have to change myself”. It took him so many years to realize that, if you must change the world, that change has to begin with you!!