There are some signs and symptoms of a healthy or an unhealthy relationship. No relationship that has existed for sometime ends abruptly, without some warning signs. But the truth is that, we oftentimes give a blind eyes to those signs, and we pretend about them, and believe all is well, or all will be well. Even when these signs are obvious and glaring, and always stare us on our faces, we still pretend not to notice them, or cover them up because of love. But no matter how long you try to cover them up because of love, one day, the love will definitely be weakened by those negative signs, and when the centre can no longer hold, the relationship collapses. However, the earlier you take cognizance of these signs, and act to either straighten up things if you can, or quit the relationship if you cannot, the better for you. Here are 8 signs that you’re in the wrong relationship. 1. LACK OF TRUST: Trust is an essential ingredient in any relationship. Any relationship devoid of trust is bound to fail. Trust is the bedrock, backbone and foundation of any relationship, the love may bring both of you together, and its always obvious, but trust is essential to help the relationship continue and lasts for a very long time. Therefore, if you’re in a relationship where there’s no trust between both of you, you’re always suspicious of each other or every move made by either of you, or probably, the trust is one- directional. For instance, the man trusts the woman, but the woman does not trust the man in return, or the woman trusts the man, but the man does not trust the woman. That relationship will definitely fail no matter how long it lasts, except you choose to endure it. So if your partner does not trust you, he or she always suspects you, despite the fact that you always try as much as possible to be honest with him or her, then its a sign that you’re in a wrong relationship that will never end well. 2. UNHAPPINESS: unhappiness is one major cause of many broken relationships. If you’re in a relationship where you’re perpetually unhappy, no day passes without one form of quarrel or the other, or the number of times you’re unhappy far surpasses the number of times you’re happy, even when the relationship has existed for many years that both of you are expected to understand each other perfectly well and minimize the the number of misunderstanding, yet every little thing triggers a quarrel, which leads to unhappiness. Then, its a sign that you’re in a wrong relationship that will not last. Because nobody wants to be in a relationship where he or she is perpetually unhappy. The earlier you realize this, the better for you. 3. SELF-INTEREST OR SELF-SEEKING: Any relationship where any of the partner is always concerned about him or herself, or is always interested in his or her own good and benefit, without considering the other partner, and the success of the relationship, that’s the worst kind of relationship you shouldn’t be in. Relationship is for mutual benefits, not preferring yourself above the other or the success of the relationship. If you notice this, then its a sign that you’re in the wrong relationship. 4. NOT BEING PROUD OF YOU: If you’re in a relationship where your partner is not proud of you, he or she is not proud of going out with you on a quality date that will endear both of you to each other, not proud of presenting you to his or her friends and families. Then you’re in a wrong relationship that will fail very soon. Because your partner is supposed to be proud of you in public, despite your look or status. 5. LACK OF PROGRESS: Nobody wants to be in a relationship where everything becomes static, no progress, even after many years of being there, you work hard, put all your best to make sure everything works well, yet no progress. Then, you’ve got to watch it, because it might be a warning sign that you’re not meant to be there. Every true relationship is expected to make progress, and move from one level to another. 6. REVENGEFUL: If you’re in a relationship where your partner never forgives and forgets any wrong you did in time past, he or she always brings it up and reminds you of it, or always wants to take a revenge on every wrong you did, then its a sign that your partner lacks forgiveness. Forgiveness is very important in any relationship, because it pacifies every misunderstanding. 7. LACK OF COMMITMENT: Your level of commitment to your relationship determines the depth of love you have for your partner. Love can’t be measured, the only way you can measure the depth of love your partner has for you, is to measure his or her level of commitment to you and the relationship. So if you’re in a relationship where your partner isn’t committed to you, he or she always gives flimsy excuses for not being with you, then, you may not be in the right relationship. 8. LACK OF RESPECT FOR FAMILY MEMBERS: Any relationship where there’s no regards for each others family members, is a negative sign al.