What is the real secret to living a happy life? A lot of people often mistake prosperity, money, wealth, fame as the secret of happiness in life. Money or wealth could actually bring happiness, but is it the real source of happiness in life? Definitely not. Because there are also countless number of people who possess wealth and have got everything that makes life very comfortable for them, yet they lack the desired happiness. The secret to happiness in life isn’t the amount of wealth you acquire, but how many lives you are able to affect positively. Human beings are made for connection, and to compliment each other. We are created for a purpose, and that purpose is to add value to life through making positive impacts in the life of others. When you’re able to help someone achieve their dreams, render an assistance, give both moral and financial support, or whatever you do that lifts up the other person, or make them overcome their challenges, you get fulfilment and satisfaction and that is the secret of living a happy life. Most people are oblivious of this fact, they lack the attitude of helping others, especially those who are in need. And it is absolutely responsible for their lack of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction eventhough they’ve got everything that makes life pleasant and worthwhile. When you develop this attitude of fulfilling a need in other peoples life, rendering support, solving problems and making people have a happy life, you’re also unknowingly creating your own happiness, and you’ll definitely get fulfilment and satisfaction from it. Everybody desires and deserves a happy life, but not everybody can get it without the support of others. Never allow the ingratitude of some people to deter you from rendering support to those who need them. Human beings are intrinsically good, when you always have the mind of making positive impacts in peoples lives, you’re undoubtedly fulfilling the purpose of creation, and you’ll definitely be rewarded for it. At the end of the day, you’re not going to be remembered for the amount of wealth you acquired, or how rich you were, but how many lives you were able to influence positively.