Negative Forces That Hinders Succes.

When a pilot enters a plane, there are four key things he must check before taking off. These are: The “lift”, “thrust”, “weight”, and “drag”. And all these four components works based on the principle of “force”. In life, there are forces that aids you to success and actualize your dreams, and there those that pulls you down or becomes an impediment on your way to success. This principle is also applicable to our relationship as human beings. There’s a school of thought that says, “your success in five years time, will depend on two things, the books you read and the people you meet”. Those four components of the aircraft, can also be linked to the categories of friends we have. There are friends who belongs to the “LIFT” category. These are friends who encourages and lifts us up when we are downcasted. They support our dreams, and can do anything to help us actualize it, even when we have failed and feel discouraged, they motivate us, they give us hope that rekindles our passion, and always stands by us. The second category, “THRUST” are also similar to the first, while the first category takes it very slowly, passionately appealing and encouraging us not to give up, these categories are daring, they try to break every barrier that tends to impede our journey to the acme of success. These categories can do whatever it takes to fire us to the zenith of success in life. They do not take no for an answer, and they’re very determined to help you actualize your dreams. The “WEIGHT” are those categories of people who tends to weigh us down. They make you believe you can’t make it or achieve your dream. They try to suppress every of your plans, and pulls you down to the level of failure. They are negative forces that needs to be overcomed in order to make it to the top. The last category is the “DRAG”. These categories drags you backwards unknowingly. You want to move forward, but they’re always there to drag you backwards. They’re also negative forces you should overcome, in order to move forward in life. The question now is, who are the people in your life right now? Are they positive forces that aids you to succeed or negative forces that hinders you??