2015 Miss Anambra Lesbian Sex Tape: Much Ado About Nothing?

The 2015 beauty queen in Anambra state, otherwise known as “Miss Anambra” has been in the news for the past weeks, not for the right reasons, but for the wrong reasons, especially for those of us in this part of the world. Anambra is one of the 36 states located in south-eastern Nigeria. The state had been relatively quiet and not so much has been heard about it both locally and internationally, until the recent sextape video showing the winner of the Miss Anambra beauty pageant, Miss Chidinma Okeke involved in a lesbian sex scandal with her PA and also a beauty queen of the face of democracy in Anambra, known as, Miss Adaobi Nzekwe. The video had gone viral on the internet and its streaming on social media. The question i want to ask is, how will this portray the organizers of these events in Nigeria? And how will these act affect the young and upcoming children who may want to take part in these social events? What lesson can they learn from it? Or is there much ado about nothing? These are some of the questions that needs to be answered, considering the fact that Nigeria and some African countries has zero telorance for such immoral acts. Infact, Nigeria has a law that stipulates 14 years jail term for anyone caught in gay or lesbian acts. Although, the organizers of these events has come out to condemn the act, and dissociated themselves from it. But what can they do more? Can they even do anything to stop this things from happening? Knowing that some of these lesbian acts are done before the crowning of the beauty queen, like the case of Chidinma Okeke. I think the only thing they can do, is to properly screen the winners before crowning them. Now, what lessons can the younger children learn from these? The lessons we must all learn from these, not only the children but also adults, is that we should be careful of what we do today, because those things could actually work against us in future. Now, back to our topical question. Is there a much ado about nothing in this particular lesbian sextape of Miss Anambra? chiWhy is there so much noise about this Miss Anambra sextape? Why are we even making a mountain out of a mole hill? Shouldn’t we legalize gay marriage and defend gay rights? I know a lot of people, particular from some african countries like Nigeria, who are reading this post may probably be offended with my insinuations, because of culture and religion. But wait a minute, can culture and religion really prevent these things from happening? I don’t think culture and religion can forestall the occurence of homosexuality in our society. Culture is dynamic, and religion is personal, hence so many young people are moving away from those old cultural and religious beliefs and practices. And are gradually becoming aware of the fact that we live in a secular society where people are free to choose, do, believe and practice whatever they want to. Hence, they secretly indulge in and practice some of these acts. Making laws to prevent homo-sexuality may be a good way to go, but is the law omni-present? Or can the law get to the secret places where these acts are being perpetrated, and catch up with the culprits? Definitely not, these acts are done in secret where no one will know about it. The fact that the case of Miss Anambra became public does not mean that, homosexuality does not happen everyday in our homes. I’m not trying to justify these immoral act, i condemn it in totality, but it is hightime we stop living in denial because over 50% of the population of young people between ages 16-25 are into homosexuality and some adults practice it and even encourage and lure younger people into it. Some young girls ignorantly indulge in lesbianism through friends and peer-pressures. While others do it because of money from either older ladies or older men who are ready to pay them to do it. Like the case of Miss Anambra, reports have it that she was lured into the lesbian act for financial gains when she was still a student in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, but did not know that it will one day be made public. But the reason her’s has been so much in the news is because she’s a beauty queen and her black-mailers won’t stop at nothing to make her pay, probably because she’s no longer co-operative. I strongly believe there’s no law, culture or religion that will be strong enough to curb or wipe out homosexuality in our society. The only remedy is values, individual or personal values. What we attach so much values to as human beings is very important. Your decision as an individual never to indulge in homosexuality or any other immoral sexual practices is what matters. Because if you see homosexuality as a very degrading immoral act and unnatural for humans to have a sexual relationship with someone of same sex, you’ll definitely not indulge in it. THANKS.