Severe Acute Malnutrition Ravaging IDP’s Camp In Nigeria.

idp-boko-haram-nigeriasevere-acute-malnutrition It is absolutely disheartning that inspite of the millions of cash and food items donated by individuals, local and international donor agencies, a lot of internally displaced persons in IDP’s camps in Bokoharam ravaged communities in North-East, Nigeria are still suffering from severe acute malnutrition. This situation had consequently led to the death of many mal-nourished children and the elderly. It is very apalling the precarious situation we find ourselves. When will the black man, particularly nigerians change and stop being greedy? When will we begin to have value for human lives? The truth is that, it is in a black man’s nature to be greedy and have less value for human life. Some of the people posted to oversee things in the IDP’s camps divert the millions of cash and food items meant to take care of the displaced persons for their own family and personal use, leaving the helpless people to die of malnutrition and most times, starvation. ‘GREED’ in indeed. I believe the federal government should investigate what is going on in the internally displaced persons camps, and take full responsibility. International observers, donor agencies and civil societies should take over and monitor every activity in IDP camps in north-east, Nigeria in order to forestall further deaths of innocent children and elderly due to severe acute malnutrition.