How To Make Money With Your Blog: Without A Domain Name.

Blogging is basically a means through which bloggers share their ideas, knowledge and experience on various areas of life with the whole world. It might be on entrepreneurship, social media, business, entertainment, photography, cooking, decoration, fashion, cars, travels or any area you find very interesting and you’ve got passion for, that you feel others ought to know about. Blogging about your passion is very important, especially in this internet age, because it is a means of getting yourself and your abilities known to the whole world and also carve out a niche for yourself in the international network. A lot of bloggers, blog for fun, while others blog to earn money from it. Whether you blog for fun or you blog to make money with your blog, blogging gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard. Blogging for money can be a great reward for sharing your knowledge and ideas, but you must work at it. To start earning money with your blog takes a little time, it takes patience, hardwork and commitment to start getting the dollars role in. This is definitely one of the major reason why so many bloggers who started a blog with the aim of making money with their blog, quits very easily. Before starting a blog with the intention of making money with it, you must settle this fact in your heart, that it takes time, so you need to be patient, committed and work hard at it. This happened to me, when i started my blog earlier, like five years ago, I’ve read so many articles on the internet about making money with a blog, it was so easily expressed, and i felt like creating a blog immediately and start making money with it. But to my disappointment, for more than two and half years, i was virtually making nothing, my account balance from online ad networks never got past two dollars. I was discouraged and i felt like quitting. However, i summoned courage and persisted and my confidence was that my monthly pageviews was increasing, so people were actually seeing my blog. That persistence and hardwork had finally paid off, and today i make between $10 to $100 monthly, and my blog on: also ranks no. 1 in Google among social media business services blogs. Therefore, making money with your blog, isn’t as awkward as you may think, it only takes, patience, hardwork and commitment to achieve that goal. However, making money with your blog, without a domain might be more difficult, because some blogging platforms like wordpress, tumblr, webs, and other major blogging platforms will not allow you make money with your blog without buying a domain or upgrading to a premium account. This can be seen to be justifiable, since they’re also hosting your blog for free. Hence, if you desire to make money with your blog as an upcoming blogger without a domain name, i suggest you use blogger as your blogging platform. Blogger is hosted by Google, and it allows you to earn money with your blog, provided you have enough readers, and high enough monthly pageviews. Google allows you to make money with your blog through Google adsense. By integrating Google ad code into the HTML of your blog, you can start making money with your blog. However, it is very difficult getting adsense approval for blogs unless you have very high readership and pageviews, and you must not approach Google for their adsense program, if you’ve already added other online ad networks into your blog. Google adsense is actually the highest paying online ad network, and there is a rush for Google adsense by many bloggers and website owners. Other online ad networks that easily accepts Google hosted blogs or blogger, and you can easily integrate their ad codes in the HTML of your blog, and start earning money from them are: chitika, infolinks, kontera, bidvertiser, adhitz, clicksor, adbrite, and pocketcents. The only difference between all this ad networks is the amount they pay publishers per one thousand impression, but they all accept bloggers easily and their ad codes are very easy to integrate into your blog. I will explain in details, about this online ad networks in my subsequent post. When you register with any of this ad networks, and they approve your blog, they’ll give you a code which you’ll copy and paste into your blogs HTML, and once that is done, you’ll see ads displaying on your blog. When visitors visits your blog, and click on these ads, your account will be credited, and depending on the number of your visitors and pageviews per day, you account also increases. So you must have enough visitors to your blog, and high pageviews to generate more income. I use chitika, infolinks and adhitz on three of my blogs, and i can assure you that chitika is best of all. Follow the link below to sign up for chitika, and start earning from your blog. venture-capital-is-history2