5 Ways Conflicts Can Be Avoided In Your Relationship With People.

Human relationships often gets distorted when conflicts ensues. Conflicts among humans are undoubtedly inevitable, because of our diversities in a whole lot of things. Different backgrounds, beliefs, understanding, religion, opinions, views, interests, temperaments and most of the time, because of our ego, pride or dignity. All these are the major causes of conflicts among humans. Invariably, there’s no denying the fact that, at some point in our interpersonal relationships, we must experience conflict among ourselves. However human conflicts can be prevented or avoided if some necessary precautions are observed in our relationship with others. The first and best method of preventing conflicts anywhere is to “Avoid it”. Conflicts should as much as possible be avoided, because if allowed to occur and further degenerates, its consequences are very grievous and damaging. But how can we avoid conflict, since we possess different characters, traits and behaviours. Here are 5 different ways we can prevent and avoid conflicts in our relationship with each other. 1. UNDERSTANDING: Understanding is very essential in any relationship. It is like a lubricant, that lubricates the relationship and prevents any friction that may occur. Human understanding is very important in any relationship because, if you understand the character of the person you’re relating with, or what influences his or her character, that is, the temperament of the person, then you’ll know how to relate perfectly with him or her without much misunderstandings. The inevitability of understanding in any relationship, is because we all have different ideologies, opinions ,views, characters and temperaments. Understanding will help to harmonize all these differences in our relationship. For more on temperaments, please read: “WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO” by Tim Lahaye. 2. TOLERANCE: Our ability to tolerate others will definitely improve our quality of relationship with them. This is because, human beings are always susceptible to misbehaving at times, sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly. When this happens, we are often tempted to react negatively. But this is not always the best, because it can engender conflict. Rather than react aggressively, you can use soft tone to correct him or her, especially when the act was not premeditated. However, tolerant has a limit and both parties has to understand that, in order to avoid conflicts, and for mutual benefits of the relationship. Never take the other person for granted, but mutual respect for each other should guide the relationship. You should learn to tolerate other peoples opinions, views or interest. And avoid any imposition of opinions or personal interest on others, as this may be a threat to the relationship. 3. TREAT THE OTHER PERSON HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED: This is one good quality that if cultivated , can help strengthen and develop our relationship and dealings with others. If this policy is always observed and maintained in our relationships, i believe we would always have a very peaceful and lasting relationship. But its quiet unfortunate that most people lacks this principle, which has often been responsible for their poor relationship with others. A lot of people takes a lot of things for granted, and are never careful how they relate or deal with others. This character certainly brings about conflicts, especially if the other person is not tolerant. Doing to others how you wish they do to you, is one key ingredient of any successful human relationship. Every human being has dignity, and that dignity must be respected, in order to avoid conflicts and live peaceably with everyone. 4. AVOID CONFRONTATION: Confrontations is not always the best option to take in trying to maintain a healthy relationship. Wisdom and discretion should be the guiding principle in order to avoid conflicts. A lot of people are very aggressive and confrontational, they’re always too forward and action packed, and before they could realize it, conflict has already ensued, which could have been pacified if they were a little bit patient and tolerant. Wisdom is very necessary in relating with people, you may be intelligent and cunning, but applying wisdom in dealing with people, will definitely save you a whole lot of troubles. Confrontations should be the last option, when you’re finally being pushed to the wall or constantly taking for granted. Being tolerant and patient doesn’t mean you’re a coward, it means you’re wise and diplomatic and you know the right time to act. 5. TREAT EVERYONE LIKE A MILLION DOLLAR CUSTOMER: Everybody likes to be treated very well. Make everyone feel proud of themselves. Rather than make them feel inferior or incomplete. Everyone deserves respect, and should be treated like a million dollar customer. These will definitely make them feel very free to be with you, and also prevent any grudge or conflict.