Every time i take an introspective look, and ponder on the happenings in the world today, the question comes to my mind. Is there really any hope for the future generation? Or what legacy is this generation leaving behind for its future generation? I think this is a very pertinent question that every right-thinking and foresighted person who cares about future of the younger generation should be asking. Suffice it to say that the present state and condition of any society depends on the legacies left behind by its predecessors. The culture, traditions, practices of any region or community is traceable to their forefathers. The present state of any nation is as a result of the pattern, model and legacies left behind by those who were once leaders of those nation. Even in religious organizations, industries, schools, groups or any other association, all their practices and activities always have their root from the legacy their predecessors left behind. And it is expected that, as the day goes by, there should be an improvement towards the positive direction in these practices and activities. But it looks like, rather than improving towards the positive direction, its tilting towards the negative side, and things are getting even worse. We now live in a world where there’s an increase in poverty, hunger, disease, corruption, bribery, injustices, environmental pollution, death rate, killing, lawlessness, arm robbery, moral decadence and everything seems to be gradually deteriorating. We live in world where those who perpetrate evil go unpunished, where those who indulge in all manner of crimes are recognized above those who are law abiding, where those who are wealthy can use their wealth to suppress the poor, where justice is being perverted and where people no longer believe in doing what is right. Morality is gradually deteriorating, people no longer care about morals, and everything seems to be getting worse by the day. With the state of things right now in the world, what will be the hope of the future generation ? Or what legacy is the upcoming generation going to follow? What foundation will they build upon? As the lasting capacity of any building depends on the strength of its foundation, so also the capacity of any society to stand the test of time depends on the foundation built by the their predecessors. You can’t lay a faulty foundation and expect the building to stand the test of time, similarly, you can’t leave a faulty moral foundation and expect the younger generation to do it right. There is a natural continuity in life, the younger generation comes, and continues from where the older generation stops, whether we like it or not, its natural. The earlier we realize this, the better. It is necessary we begin to inculcate some moral values and build stronger moral foundations in the future generation, in order to avoid a total collapse of values. Leaders all over the world should live by examples, and always have the mind of impacting positively on the lives of their followers. No one is hundred percent perfect, but as humans, there should be some level of morality, which differentiates humans from animals. The world will only remember you for the positive impacts you made, the positive change you were able to effect, and the lasting legacies you left behind. Always desire to do the right thing no matter what it takes, people may criticize you, humiliate you, and the reward may not be immediate, but it pays in the end.