Have you ever being hurt, humiliated or disdained by someone you love and respect, or probably a total stranger. How did you react to it? Human understanding and relationship has become a major problem in many circles, at the workplace, in the society, schools, in relationship between employers and employees, between a boss and his subordinates or even among colleagues. It is important we understand different people and their actions, reactions and behaviours, so that we can know how to relate with anyone, with little or no disagreement. There are bounds to be moments of misunderstanding as we relate with one another, because of our temperaments, different ideologies, and sometimes ego. But the ability to understand all this differences, will help to boost our relationship with each. When you take an unpleasant action against someone, you should always anticipate an equal and opposite reaction. These reaction often comes in three different forms, depending on who’s involved. A famous scientist, sir Isaac Newton, in 1884, published a work called ‘principia’ from which he clearly stated the 3 laws of motion. From his third law, i quote: “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. That means, actions and reactions are equal and opposite. For instance, if you fire a bullet from a gun, that’s an action, the opposite reaction is that you see yourself jerk backwards due to the momentum with which the bullet leaves the gun. These principle is also applicable in our day to day relationship as individuals. I’m going to reveal 3 different reactions by 3 categories of people to the same action against them. The first category are: THE BLUNT CATEGORY: This people, like their name implies, are very blunt in their reaction. When you hurt or humiliate this categories, they give it back to you immediately, without minding whose ox is gored. This categories believes in “A tooth for a tooth and tat for a tat” they do not care a hoot, what you feel or think about their demeanor. All their interest is, paying you back in your own coin instantly. This group are fearless, and you can’t step on their toes and get away with it. A lot of people often try to avoid having anything to do with them because of their aggressive nature. But one commendable fact about this category is that, they do not bear any grudges, after their immediate payback, they still seek way to reconcile with you and forget about all that has happened. The best way to relate with this category, is to endeavour as much as possible to not hurt or humiliate them, because you might not be ready for their reaction. The second category are the: PATIENT CATEGORY: This categories of people are very patient in their relationship with people. When you hurt or humiliate this category, they do not react immediately, they simply avoid you and walk away, especially if you’re a friend or someone they know. Avoiding you, does not mean they’re planning a revenge, rather, they do not like creating a scene. This category can avoid you for a very long time, it isn’t that they dislike you or they have any grudge against you, rather, they want to avoid anymore problem from you, because of their peaceful nature. However, this categories are very callous. When they do not react, it isn’t because they’re scared of you, rather, they’re giving you time to realize yourself and know they’re only being peaceful, if you change, then you can become the best of friends again. But if you continue to take their peaceful nature for granted and humiliate them without cessation, and they’re being pushed to the wall or loose their patient, hell will let loose. This categories are very friendly, infact they’re the most friendly people on earth, because they treat others the way they treat themselves. The best way to relate with this category, is to understand them and avoid taking their gentleness for granted. The last category, are the: PRETENTIOUS CATEGORY: This categories have a complex nature. When you hurt or humiliate this category, they do not retaliate immediately, they may walk away from you, or pretend not to be hurt by your action. Sometimes, they may even give you a grin of surprise, but believe you me, this group are not to be toiled with. This group are very difficult to comprehend. When they walk away or smile at you, you think they have forgiving you or forgotten about you action. Don’t be fooled, this categories, do not forgive or forget easily. They’re only planning a revenge or waiting for the right time to remind you of your actions against them, and then, they will unleash their ire against you. There peaceful disposition is not to be trusted, because it is only that of a graveyard. They can remind you of what you’ve done to them many years ago, and they must take a revenge on that. The only way to relate with this category, is to be careful with them,and try not to hurt them, because when you do,you’ve automatically become an enemy and a suspect.