WordPress or Blogger: Which Is Good For You?

A lot of intending bloggers, who wish to start their own blog, are often confronted with the challenge of making the right decisions as to which blogging platform they should use for their blogging activities. I’ve constantly received various emails and comments, asking me this particular question. I therefore thought it expedient to write on this particular topic, in order to clarify certain issues about this two blogging platforms. The truth of the matter is that, both wordpress and blogger are very good blogging platforms that any intending blogger can start blogging on, and both of them are the two biggest and most popular blogging platforms. Both wordpress and Google blog are easy to create, but there are still differences between both, which is what this post is intended to highlight. Your choice of any of them, absolutely depends on what you want. Most people may prefer wordpress for one particular reason, while others may prefer blogger for other reasons. But whatever your reasons are, the most important thing is that you want to create a blog that will definitely stand out with time. Now, back to our question. “wordpress or blogger”? For wordpress, like i said earlier, both of them are very easy to create. Just go to: http://www.wordpress.com, and create your wordpress blog. There are so many advantages of using wordpress as your blogging platform. For a wordpress blog, you have so many nice and well designed templates that makes your blog look very unique to your visitors, some are free, while others have a little price tag, and depending on what your blog is all about, you are free to choose the right template suitable for your blog. Therefore, you do not need any design knowledge to have a very good looking and attractive blog. I’ve had a couple of my readers ask me, if i designed my blog myself or i hired a web designer? I never hired any designer, i only activated and customized the template on my blog. With wordpress, you can customize your blog without much stress, and make your it look very great to your visitors. WordPress blogs are also easily listed on search engines, if you’re consistent in posting search engine friendly contents. Unlike blogger, in wordpress blog, you must separately list your keywords and categorize your contents to make it more visible to search engines, so your blog will be seen in search results when people search for anything relating to your keywords or categories. WordPress also has so many social network sharing buttons, you can share your post on, for more people to see your blog. However, wordpress has some disadvantages. The major disadvantage is that, if you’re looking forward to making or earning some money with your blog without having your own domain, then forget it. Because wordpress does not allow you make money with your blog as long as they’re hosting your it. They can advertise on your blog, but whatever they make from the advert, is, like they said, to keep the cost of running your blog since you’re not paying them to host it, so you’re only blogging to be heard and noticed by the world. Another thing is that wordpress does not allow you upload any video to your blog, unless you upgrade to a premium account, but this is not peculiar to wordpress alone. Now, for blogger, like we said earlier, both wordpress and blogger blogs are very easy to create. Blogger also has very good templates you can leverage on, to customize your blog and make it look good. In blogger blog, you do not need to list or write down your keywords and categories in separate page for search engine as Google, to see it before getting your blog listed, or show up in search result, you only need to be consistent in using the right keywords and search engine friendly terms in your posts, such that when the search engines see them, they quickly get your blog listed and you rank high in search results. This is why search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary for your blog, to make it rank higher search engines. Blogger also allows you to make money with your blog without a domain. You can do this by configuring the ad codes of some online ad networks into the HTML of your blog, and they automatically place online ads on it, such that if your blog generates enough traffic, you can start making money from your blog. This is absolutely how i make money online through my blog, and so many other bloggers do. As you can see, both wordpress and blogger, have advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on what you want. Wordpress or Blogger