There are certain mistakes most men often makes with women, which hinders them from being successful with women, or be in control of their relationship. Here are 7 mistakes men often makes with women. 1. THINKING YOU CAN BUY A WOMAN’S LOVE WITH MONEY: Most men often makes a mistake of thinking that they can buy a woman’s affection with money, especially those that have it. Women knows what they want or who they want. If a woman does not love you to start with, your money won’t do the magic. True love cannot be bought with money, so spending your money to buy a woman’s love is ill-advised. 2. CONVINCING A WOMAN TO LIKE YOU: Real men who gets the most women do not talk until they convince a woman to like them. They simply do most of the work by their actions, their composure, qualities, potentials and how they package and present themselves in public speaks for them. Women are very good at observing, they observe whatever you do, especially how you present and package yourself. You need not convince a woman to like you, just be yourself, because she already knows if she’s going to give in or not. 3. BEING TOO DESPERATE TO GET HER: Women are not attracted to men that are desperate about them. They feel you’re pestering them and would not allow them their freedom. Whatever you’re desperate of getting will keep running away from you. If you’re desperate to get any woman, she’s sees you as a pest, and she will keep avoiding you. Just do your best, prove to her you’re good, if she’s interested in you, she knows it, if she’s not, you can’t change it. 4. ALWAYS SEEKING FOR HER PERMISSION OR APPROVAL: Women likes decisive men, men that can take decision and stand by it. Always seeking for a woman’s approval before taking any decision, means putting yourself below the standard she expects from you. Every woman knows that there are moments a situation becomes urgent, and you need not ask for her approval before making the right decision. Unable to decide at that moment doesn’t make you the real man. Learn to make certain decisions on your own. 5. NOT UNDERSTANDING A WOMAN’S BODY LANGUAGE: Woman knows exactly what they want from you at any particular time, but they will never tell you, sometimes they may express it through their body language. Your ability to understand their body language at any particular time, makes you the real man. Try to study her and understand her body language, and how she responds to you. 6. ALLOWING HER TO UNDERTAKE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Most men often makes a mistake of leaving their responsibility to a woman. This is very wrong, it negates your position as a man. Some men allow the woman to undertake all the financial responsibilities, while they do nothing. Eventhough she’s doing it because she loves you, its only for a short time, in the long run, she will turn back to accuse you of financial irresponsibility, and you’re unknowingly losing your position as the man. Always try to assume your responsibility as the man, she’s only there to support you. 7. NOT SAYING THE RIGHT WORDS TO HER: Most men do not know how to talk or approach a woman, some say the right words at the wrong time, while others, the wrong words at the right time. But being successful with women, requires you to know the right words to say and when to say it. Do you know that most women falls in love with the wrong men, because the wrong men knows the right words to say, and the right time.