The first thing you must know about developing or improving your confidence level in handling your challenges is that, everyone is confronted by various degrees of challenges in life. As long as you go through this life, you can never abscond from life’s challenges. But the pertinent question is, how do you handle and overcome your challenges? The first step to overcoming your challenges is, always see every of your problem as a challenge. Never say, “i have a problem” rather, “i have a challenge”. Life is like an open battle field, and only those who are courageous and have the right mental attitude often emerges successful. A challenge is a contest that comes to test your courage and your ability to handle tough situations. Those who compete in a race, football or wrestling competition puts in all their best and do all it takes to emerge winner, and when they come out successful, it builds up their courage to compete for a higher one. That’s exactly what a challenge does to us, when you face your challenges and overcome, you develop more confidence in handling tougher ones. Every challenge that comes your way, is an opportunity to advance to the next level. When i was in college, there’s this particular subject i find very awkward to comprehend. The first time i studied it, i couldn’t understand anything, so i decided to pack it up. But it was necessary i must write and pass it in the exam. After a week, i picked it up again to study it, but this time, i was a bit relieved because i felt i was beginning to grab it. But after two days, i decided to go back to the same book, but to my chagrin, the whole book looked entirely new to me and even more complex, i felt I’ve not started. I took it as a challenge and decided to give it two hours everyday, whether i understand it or not. After some weeks of studying it, i began to understand the principles and it became so easy that i love reading it more than any other book.That’s exactly how challenges looks like, when challenges comes your way, never run away from it. Welcome it, confront it, and never give it any space. See every challenge as a stepping stone to greater accomplishment in life. Never entertain any fear or become timid. So many people loose out because of fear, always be courageous in confronting your challenges. The more you confront your challenges, the more you’re building up your confidence in handling greater tasks.