Update: Alleged Masterminder of Leaked Miss Anambra Lesbian Sextape Revealed.

uchemiss-anambra Uche Nworah, the man on the right side of the picture above is allegedly being rumoured to be behind the leaked lesbian sextape of the beauty queen, miss Anambra known as Chidinma Okeke. Uche Nworah, who is also the chairman of Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) in Anambra state, is reported to have entered into agreement with the erstwhile beauty queen prior to her nomination. Report has it that Chidinma Okeke in her desperation to be crowned miss Anambra agreed to pay a certain amount of money, about two million naira to Uche Nworah throughout the one year duration of her being on the throne as Anambra beauty queen. Having entered the agreement, she kept to it, and had been paying the money in tranches since 2015, and the sum of one million eight hundred thousand naira was reported to have been paid in total. When she was recently approached by Mr. Uche Nworah towards the end of her tenure, to bring the balance of two hundred thousand naira, she refused, and decided to disdain the organizers of the event, because according to her, she’s now parleying with more influential people in the industry. This attitude did not go down well with Mr. Uche Nworah and other organizers who were part of the agreement, hence they decided to get back at her by releasing her first lesbian sex video with her face not showing in the video. They did this believing that she will retrace her steps and come back to reconcile with them. But the beauty queen rather than do that, went ahead to deny and disclaim the video, claiming she’s not the one in the video. This further prompted Mr. Uche Nworah to release the second video which clearly shows her face. Probably, Miss Anambra may have forgotten or not aware that her blackmailers still has her lesbian sextape video, and could use it to blackmail her if she reneges on the their agreement. What do you think?


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