U.S Presidential Election: The Challenge Before The Electorates.

gty_trump_clinton_jef_150617_16x9_992 I have been consitently following the goings-on in the upcoming November 8, 2016 United States presidential election. I have watched with so much admiration the campaigns of the two political parties, the democratic and the republican party. I have also listened and watched the debates between the main contenders of the election. Eventhough, the debates most times was mared with a lot of personal attacks, verbal attacks and campaigns of calumny. But in all, i must say the processes leading to the election has been very interesting, with all the accusations and counter-accusations. However, having listened to and watched the two main contenders in the imminent election, the major challenge before the american electorates or voters, is being able to make their minds on whom to vote for. Some might be at a crossroad about whom to cast their vote for, while others will remain undecided and neutral because they are yet to see their ideal candidate. Looking at the physical apperance of both Hilary Clinton of the democratic party and Donald Trump of the republican party, and how they’ve been able to articulate their points and present their manifestos to the electorates, we can all agree on the face value, without any iota of doubt that both of them are eminently qualified to occupy the whitehouse. However, we might been making a big mistake hinging our decisions to vote only on their campaign promises and manifestos alone, without due consideration for the temperament of both candidates, to determine who among them have the character and capacity to deliver on those promises and tackle the prevailing challenges confronting the american citizens. Obviously, both candidates have good manifestos and wonderful promises, but it does not suffice to determine who will make a better leader and equal to the task of surmounting the present real challenges facing the most powerful nation in the world. Temperament is one factor that can be used to determine who’ll make a better leader or more suited for a particular situation a people finds themselves in. Temperament is the sumtotal of everything we’re made of. It is responsible for all our actions and inactions. It controls the way we eat, sleep, drive, what we think about other people, how we relate with people, how we do business, our intelligence, even how we lead others when we are entrusted with any leadership position. Virtually everything we do in life, and traits we exhibit can be traced to our temperament. Hence, the temperament of both Donald and Hilary are to be considered in deciding who among them occupies the white house, especially when both are locked in a two-horse race. We must determine who among them has the better temperament that’s required to tackle the present challenges confronting the U.S and the world at large. Through out the old time, God has always chosen leaders to accomplish a specific purpose. When he wanted the children of Israel to be delivered from captivity in Egypt, he choose Moses, who’s a stammerer and not even the bravest of men. He could have chosen someone else, because he saw in Moses the potential of a deliverer who does not like to see people suffer. When he wanted to destroy Nebuchadnezzar, he choose an uncompromising Daniel, God choose Joseph to be the Prime minister in Egypt to end the famine in Israel. All through ages, God has always chosen leaders for a specific purpose. Why most countries are in turmoil today, is because they’re yet to choose the right leader that can resolve a particular challenge facing them at that moment. There are no bad leaders, all leaders are good, but there are bad times. Now, lets go back to our topic. I have been watching and following both Hilary and Trump, and i can unequivocally decipher their temperament to determine who is a more qualified candidate. Although, Hilary is very intelligent and analytical, but she’s very diplomatic, cunning, moody. Gets angry when things does not go her way, and can be hurtful with words. She’s a combination of melancholy and choleric temperament. Hence, i call her “melchlor”. She’ll do very well in maintaining status quo, in terms of employent, trade and economy. But not in foreign policy, fighting terrorism and giving America a strong voice in the world. Trump on the otherhand, has charisma, he’s decisive, vocal and full of activity, such people can initiate and accomplish any new project they set out to accomplish. He’s a ‘chlorsan” a combination of choleric & sanguine temperament. He’ll do extremely well in giving America a strong voice, fighting terrorism, foreign policy because of his charismatic nature and probably in trade and economy as a successful business man. I believe with these short insight, you can make your mind.



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