Same-Sex Marriage: What A Failed Generation!

The legalization of same-sex or gay marriage in 38 states of the United States and some European countries is a depiction of the fact that we have a failed and barbaric generation. Same-sex marriage dates back to the generation of Sodom and Gomorrah. Then, it was called ‘Sodomy’ and those involved in such immoral acts were called sodomites. Their unwholesome, ignoble and immoral acts infuriated God, that he had to destroy that generation with fire. Presently, this generation has immorally degenerated to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Which makes it very barbaric. Legalizing same-sex marriage is a symbol of total depraivity of man, because it negates the natural principles of on which the world was created, and a total alienation from the original plan of God for man. GayWhat legacies are we really leaving behind for our future generation? What are we really teaching our kids, that same-sex marriage is good, and there’s nothing wrong about it? I think we’ve descended so low, even below the level of animals. I strongly believe that this generation has failed, if we really cannot build a good and lasting legacies for the future generation.