How To Study Effectively And Retain What You’ve Studied In Your Memory For A Longer Time.

Reading and understanding. A lot of medical experts, scientists, psychologists and guidance and counsellors had recommended various food nutrients and supplements, good advice, tips and counsels on how to boost your memory and have longer retentive memory. Perhaps, you’ve heeded all their recommendations, tips, advice and counsels, but to no avail and you still find it very difficult to recollect even the simplest things you read a while ago.Short memories or being unable to retain for a long time what you’ve read is the challenge most students face and responsible for being unable to excel in their exam.This post is based on my own personal experience and findings on the best way to study and still retain what you’ve studied for a very long time. There’s no denying the fact that the advice,counsel and tips are not good enough,or that the food nutrients and supplements recommended are not efficient enough especially if right adhered to. For instance, medical experts has asserted that iodine is very effective for developing and improving the memory. So, children should be given meals containing iodine from childhood to help their memory develop, and should be exposed to books with pictures at an early stage in other to have a very strong memory in their adulthood. Adults are also encouraged to eat meals and fruits containing iodine, and excercise regularly in other to keep their brain and memory very active. All these recommendations and tips can help, but i feel its better to share from experience. Which is why i hold a firm belief that the ability to study and be able to retain in your memory for a very long time what you’ve studied is more of your attitude, approach and the study method you adopt. A lot of people believe that they’ve got a short memory and use it as an excuse for being unable to recollect what they’ve spent time to study, NO! Nobody is created with a short memory, it absolutely depends on how you develop, exercise and expose your brain and mind. The power of the brain and mind is very essential in having a longer retentive memory. If your brain and mind are very active, you’ll definitely have a longer retentive memory. The brain is meant for capturing things, calculating and understanding. While the mind is for analyzing and retaining what the brain has captured and understood. These two must work together to achieve a better result and have a longer retentive memory. The best way to retain what you’ve studied, is to understand it. And you can’t understand without studying effectively. There’s difference between reading and studying and a lot of people confuse both or think they’re the same. Studying is more intense than reading. Reading can be casual, having no clear-cut goal, but studying must be done with utmost seriousness with a set goal of understanding and retaining what you’ve studied. In studying, all your five senses must be totally engrossed with the book wihout any distraction. But in reading, you can be reading and still be talking to someone or thinking of other things. Studying is more analytical and you seek to comprehend every word, phrase or clause in the book. But you can neglect whatever you don’t understand in the book and continue reading. Probably, because you’re enjoying what you’re reading. So, theres a big distinction between reading and studying. For you to retain what you’ve studied in your memory for a longer time, you must study effectively. Endeavour to understand every bit of what you’re studying. Analyze what you’re studying by painting a mental picture of it in your mind, and try to relate them with what you see everyday in life or real life situations. Rather than dwell on the abstract things you’re studying in the book, try to create or consider a scenario of those things in your head to make it more concrete. Because the mind retains more, what the eye catches or a situation that appears real than just what the ear hears without the eye seeing it. A lot of people also cram and pile up things in their head. Craming isn’t bad so to say, but craming alone will not suffice if you don’t understand what you’re craming. When you cram or memorize without understanding what you’re memorizing, the chances of forgetting is very high. Because the knowledge only stops in the brain, it has not gotten to the mind for it to stick. The brain can easily fail you as human, but whatever is committed to the mind can never be totally forgotten. And this is one major factor that’s responsible for not being able to retain something in the memory for too long. You memorize without understanding. Study effectively in a cool place, understand every word before going further. And allow your mind to analyze.


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