How To Overcome Discouragement And Depression.

Do you sometimes feel discouraged about life, and you’re contemplating throwing in the towel? Or you feel very depressed about certain unpleasant situations that you’re confronted with in life? This post will help you to overcome discouragement and depression, and show you how to withstand every challenging situations you’ll face in life. The major cause of discouragement in life are unfulfilled or unrealized expectations. You feel discouraged when your desires and expectations are not met. Unachieved goals, desires, dreams and aspirations, unpalatable results, dashed hopes, disappointments and other unfavorable situations are some of the major cause of discouragement. You’re definitely going to feel very discouraged when everything you’ve worked and labour for, and invested your time and resources seem not to give you the result you expected or go the direction you want. Depression on the other hand, is consequent upon certain unpleasant or appalling situation that confronts you in life. Depression makes you feel very weak, unhappy, dejected, helpless and confused. It is a condition of the mind feeling very unhappy and downcasted as a result of some agonizing situations you face in life. Discouragement and depression will make you feel all hope is lost and stop you from moving forward in life, if you allow it to demoralize you. A discouraged and depressed mind cannot reason the right way. The first and foremost step to overcoming depression and discouragement is: You must realize that as long as life continues, there must always come some unfavorable situations that you do not have the capacity to stop. These situations have been destined to come to you at some point in your journey through life, and they have a specific time and designed in such a way that you can cope with them, manage and handle them. No bad situation in life is meant to take your life, but it’s how you respond in handling them that either ameliorate or aggravate the situation. There’s a time and purpose for everything that happens to you in life. There’s your downtime and your uptime, that time when you feel very discouraged or depressed because of an unpleasant situation is definitely your downtime, so you don’t need to allow it inundate your thoughts and make you feel all hope is lost. Always try to be courageous in handling it, believe and see light at the other end of the tunnel. Since depression and discouragement are as a result of unfavorable situations that confronts you in life, and tends to make you feel like giving up about life. Always see it as a challenge to test your strength of character. Any challenge you face in life is meant to test how prepared you are to handle a greater task or responsibility. When you’re able to successfully confront your challenges, handle and overcome them, it builds up your confidence and makes you very courageous in accomplishing greater tasks. A time of depression and discouragement isn’t a time to start feeling self-pity or despair. It is a time to painstakingly manage it by not allowing that particular situation overshadow all your imaginations or thoughts. The best thing to do, is to be optimistic and believe that you’ll come out of it. God never allows any challenge you can’t overcome to come to you, it is because you can handle it, that’s why it came your way. You certainly need to know this, and be convinced of this fact, that you’ve got what it takes to confront and overcome every challenge that comes your way. Always expect challenging situations, because life is full of challenges. Life isn’t always a bed of roses, and things must not always go the way you want them to go. If you always have this fact in your mind, then i can assure you of handling every challenge that comes your way. Remember, no challenge that’s greater than your capacity to handle can confront you, and it is because you can handle it, that’s why it came the first place. Worry and Anxiety