High Schooler Invents Flashlight Powered By User’s Body Heat


15-Year-Old Creates A Flashlight Powered By Body Heat




” Tenth grader Ann Makosinski, with her body heat-powered flashlight, has attained a position within the 15 finalists who will be going to the Google Campus in Mountain View California to compete for the grand prize of $50,000.
Google Science Fair has taken interest in Makosinski’s energy conversion invention , Makosinski has been submitting projects to science fairs since Grade 6, and has been particularly interested in alternative energy ever since.

Now she has finally come up with “hollow flashlight” that can be powered by the heat of a user’s hand.”

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Fraud At Vatican Bank Results In Arrest Of Priest , Others


Priest Arrested For Fraud At Vatican Bank




” Italian police on Friday arrested a prelate, a financial broker and a former agent of the Italian Secret Service on corruption charges as part of a plot to transport 20 million euros from Switzerland to Italy in a private plane.

The priest, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano of Salerno, had already been suspended from his position as a member of the administration that manages the Vatican’s real estate assets (the APSA) about a month ago, as part of a separate money laundering investigation in connection with the probe into the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), as the Vatican bank is popularly known.

An investigation into Scarano’s bank account at the IOR led to the discovery of the suspected racket.”








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From The “Pigs Can Fly” Department … Madonna Actually Says Something Smart


Madonna Schools Anti Gun Media On Gun Control In Recent Interview



” Madonna recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to promote her upcoming concert event, Madonna: The MDNA Tour. During the interview Madonna was asked about the use of prop guns during one part of her show (a part of the show which has drawn criticism from anti gun groups). Elizabeth Vargas asked the singer if she planned on changing or removing that part of the show, Madonna said absolutely not.

According to BPR here is the exchange,

“That would be like asking people to not have guns in action movies,” she said. “I mean the thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”









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The Latest In Pavlof Activity From Alaska Volcano Observatory


Alaska Volcano Erupts With New Intensity, Disrupts Local Flights





” An Alaska volcano spewing ash and lava for the past six weeks erupted with new intensity early on Tuesday, belching a plume of cinders 5 miles into sky and onto a nearby town and disrupting local flights, officials said.

The eruptions from Pavlof Volcano, on the Alaska Peninsula 590 miles southwest of Anchorage, were its most powerful since its current eruptive phase began with low-level rumblings in mid-May, according to scientists at the federal-state Alaska Volcano Observatory.

The latest series of more powerful ash-producing blasts from the crater of the 8,261-foot (2,518-meter) volcano started late on Monday and continued overnight into Tuesday, scientists said.”




Pavlof Activity – Color Code ORANGE Alert Level WATCH










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Bloggers Denied Entry To UK While Islamists Are Welcome


US Bloggers Banned From Entering UK




” Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer co-founded anti-Muslim group Stop Islamization of America.They were due to speak at an English Defence League march in Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed.A government spokesman said individuals whose presence “is not conducive to the public good” could be excluded by the home secretary.He added: “We condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form.”Ms Geller, of the Atlas Shrugs blog, and Mr Spencer, of Jihad Watch, are also co-founders of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, best known for a pro-Israel “Defeat Jihad” poster campaign on the New York subway.

On both of their blogs the pair called their bans from entering the UK “a striking blow against freedom” and said the “the nation that gave the…

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Women Becomes 500th Execution In Texas Since Re-Institution Of Death Penalty


Texas Executes 500th Person Since 1982





” Fifty-two-year-old Kimberly McCarthy became the 500th person to be executed in Texas on Wednesday. Texas is the first state to reach such a number of executions, since capital punishment’s reinstitution in 1982. 

McCarthy, a former nursing home therapist, had been convicted for the 1997 robbery, beating and fatal stabbing of her 71-year-old neighbor, Dorothy Booth.

Booth, a retired college psychology professor, was attacked by McCarthy in her house in Lancaster, Dallas. McCarthy cut off Booth’s finger in to order to remove her wedding ring, according to authorities.”








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200 “Youths” And Social Media Create Lauderhill Mall Brawl


Lauderhill Mall Fight With 200 Teens Sparked By Social Media




” More than 200 teens descended upon a mall parking lot in Lauderhill, Fla., called by Facebook and Twitter to a fight that forced the partial closure of the mall Tuesday afternoon.

The trouble apparently began across the street from the shopping center, and grew as word spread on social media.

“I just heard that anybody that had beef with each other is supposed to come over here and fight,” said Frank Francis, a witness to the fight.

“People was getting hit by [traffic] cones,” Francis said. “Like fighting, like a brawl.”








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Astronomers Identify Three New Potential Homes For Earthlings


New Planet: Among Seven Found, Three Are In Habitable Zone



” Using new observation of Gliese 667C, astronomers found seven planets circling a star, including three super-Earths orbiting in the habitable zone. Gliese 667 is a triple-star system in the constellation of Scorpius that has masses smaller than Sun.
As published in Science Daily June 25, 2013, a team of astronomers has combined new observations of Gliese 667C with existing data from the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) at La Silla’s European Southern Observatory (ESO) 3.6-metre telescope in Chile, to reveal a system with at least six planets. A record-breaking three of these planets are super-Earths lying in the zone around the star where liquid water could exist, making them possible candidates for the presence of life.

Gliese 667 lies at a distance of about 22 light years from Earth. To the naked…

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Work And Earn Money Online.

Work And Earn Money Online.

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How To Spot a Liar: Knowing When Someone Is Lying To You.

Although working relationships ought to be built on trust. But sometimes, people will tell lies in order to have their way or get what they want. Researchers have found out that when people lies, their nose actually heats up. Using thermographic cameras, psychiatrists at the university of Granada in Spain were able to detect an increased temperature in the nose, and the region around the eyes of people who are telling lies. However, this may not be very practical, and you may obviously not have a thermographic camera, or be able to ask someone if you can place your hand over their nose before asking them a question, in order detect the veracity of their answer. However, there are some common body language cues that often indicates that someone may not be telling the truth. Researchers at Harvard university have also discovered that there are also linguistic clues in the way people answers questions that can be warning signs of dishonesty.

– Body Language Display- Watch out for the facial touching: People who are uncomfortable being dishonest, always tends to cover their mouth or touch their nose when they are telling a lie. This could be an attempt to hide their micro-facial expression or perhaps due to the sudden heat rush, discovered by the study at university of Granada.

– Carefully observe what they do with their eyes: While breaking eye contact in itself is not a clear indication of lying. People who lies, often tends to look away in order to concentrate or remember details. If there’s a distinct change in a person’s eye movements, rapid blinking, looking up and down for long periods while speaking, it can indicate dishonesty. And if they suddenly becomes hyper-focused on starring you in the eyes, it could also be an attempt to counter-act the looking away factor, in order to convince you of the lie.

– People who are lying often fidgets: Fidgeting is usually caused by discomfort or nervousness. Both of which are symptoms of someone worried that they’ll be caught for being dishonest. If you’re nervous, remember to keep your fidgeting in check, which is worse than simply implying a lack of confidence.

The Harvard Study of Linguistic Indicators of Dishonesty: This research was conducted on people involved in negotiating business, where trust was highly required and money was on the line. Below were the interesting findings;

– People who are lying tends to make use of a lot more words than people who are actually speaking the truth. Probably, because they feel the need to convince their listener to believe what they’re saying, rather than just saying it in a simple way. Researchers also called this the, “Pinocchio’s effect” as similar to the Pinocchio’s nose, where the length of the sentence grows along with the lie.

– People who told lies of omission, that is, leaving out relevant information rather than the outright lying, actually went the opposite, of using shorter sentences and fewer words than those saying the truth.

– People who told outright lies were believed more often than those who attempted to conceal part of the truth.(Therefore, if you really need to conceal the truth, you’re more likely to get away with making something up, than with attempting to avoid the subject.)

– Liars also swear more often than people who are actually saying the truth.

-Liars uses far more third-persons pronouns like;(“him, her, it, one, they, their rather than, “I”) than people who are saying the truth or lying by omission. Similarly, they also use much more complex sentences and grammatical structures. Researchers, says it is an attempt to distance themselves from the dishonesty at the heart of what they are saying.

Thinking About Grief

Sight of the Stars

I am, and let’s just start by saying this because it should be said from the beginning, absolutely terrible at keeping blogs.  Absolutely terrible.  There, forewarned is forearmed.

My brother died almost two and a half years ago.  The event has completely reshaped my life.  Luke is on my mind now all the time; he is the first thought when I wake up, the last thought before I sleep.  I feel constantly compelled to tell people around me that I haven’t forgotten him.  It’s like I’m afraid of their judgement: if I don’t remind them that Luke’s loss is still prevalent, they will think I’m selfish and wrapped completely in the progression of my own life.  But I can’t talk about him too much, because the flip side of that coin is that people might then think I’m not dealing with my grief, that my mental health might not be…

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“Arranged” Marriage

Pathetic Story!

Love, InshAllah


I am madly in love with a good man.

Next week, I am going to marry another.

I have cried more tears this year than I have cried in my entire life. I have been brought so low that I cannot see a way out. I no longer trust my own judgment, my own thoughts, my own brain or heart. I used to be amazing. Now I am a mere shadow of who I used to be.

You read about stories like this. But you never understand how it could happen now, in the 21st century.  You never imagine it could be you.

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Absolute Certainty and Infinite Confidence

Spontaneous Ditties

When I was young, I used to fill notebooks with words.

When my mother found my secret stack (under the cupboard, inside a pile of garbage bags) she held them to the sunlight one by one and read each page with wide, disbelieving eyes. I stood there with clenched fists, watching her go through thousands upon thousands of words.

She cut my lunch allowance, which I was laundering to go towards my notebook addiction.

Not to worry: I learned how to use the computer instead. This is how I started typing over 80 words per minute.

Every day I felt this rising urge to achieve complete and utter bliss. I can only describe it as an overwhelming desire to write, and that full confidence that I could. I started out typing short stories copied from books. Lion King was the very first to be transcribed into MS-DOS. Eventually, I started…

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Whittier Strong

Yesterday a relative pointed out to me some troubles with yesterday’s post. She said, first off, that I painted my mom to be more naïve than she was. After all, she said, her first husband–before my father–had slept around and run off on her. Second, I had the facts of the divorce decree simply wrong. Our father could take us out of the county but not out of the state, that this is a standard clause in custody arrangements. I maintained that I was right because I remembered. My relative pointed out that she, unlike me, had actually read my parents’ divorce decree.

To the first point: One of the things I don’t like about blogging is the demand for conciseness. Though I could in theory write a 5,000-word blog post, I don’t have the time to write it, and no-one wants to take that long to read a…

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How To Handle And Deal With Problems And Challenges.

So many things we seem not to comprehend actually confronts us in life. Negative things that happens to us in life are often accompanied by sorrows, sadness, griefs, pains, and loss of joy and happiness. The manifestation of this negative feelings of grief, sadness, sorrow, worry, anxiety, fear, anger, depression, malice will definitely breakdown man’s body system. But when positive feelings of joy, gladness, happiness are vent, they will definitely build up the body systems and make it stronger. These positive feelings are mental diet that helps our emotions, strengthens our mind and helps our body system to function effectively. In life there’s always the positive and the negative side, in any negative thing that happens, there’s always a positive side of it. A strong mind builds a strong and energetic body, while a peaceful mind builds a calm body. A person of negative disposition, or a moody person is capable of transferring such feelings to others, through aggression. It is the inner man, that is the subconscious mind that gives the body either strength or weakness, depending on your reaction towards that problem or challenge. Our reaction to an unfavorable situation is undoubtedly what determines our mood, feelings and countenance. When you begin to concentrate on that problem and get involved in self pity, then you’re unknowingly aggravating it. But when you decide to ignore it and never concentrate on it, it wanes. In this life, no body can make you feel ‘bitter’ or better’ but you alone. It is how you react to the problem that matters. When people try to hurt or humiliate you, and you endeavor never to allow it inundate  your thoughts or you ignore them and just let it go, you don’t feel hurt. But when you begin to concentrate on it, and you’re always thinking about it, then you become defeated and your whole body feels weakened.

Most of the heart diseases a lot of people have today, is consequently because they always inundate their minds with negative things. The body receives strength from the mind, but when the mind is filled with negative feelings, thoughts and emotions which causes sadness, depression, unhappiness, pains and griefs, the mind becomes weakened and can no longer give out strength to the whole body, and if this is not controlled, it can lead to heart diseases or breakdown of health. Therefore, you definitely need to always feed your mind with good and positive thoughts, which is the only remedy for a healthy heart.

Sometimes, bad news could us make us feel depressed and dejected, and we begin to accumulate some negative thoughts and feelings that may result in total loss of happiness. When we hear some unfavorable news, the first thing to do, is look for a quiet place and sit down. It isn’t a time to begin to repeat and rehearse the news or focus on it, rather the essence is to bring our countenance and mood down, so that we can properly plan and strategize on how to solve the problem. For by the countenance of the mind, the heart is made straight. Another way to avoid feeling bad as a result of bad news, is to avoid listening to them, because they do us no good.Some people may deliberately want to spoil your mood and make you feel unhappy, but its left for you to refrain from listening to them, and concentrate on other things that will help to increase your happiness and build up your strength.

In order to overcome your problems and challenges, you should be aware that the problems, pains, challenges and discomforts of the world are universal, and they’re not peculiar to you alone. The problems of the world are inevitable, as long as we continue to exists, they’re transient and temporary, but overcoming them absolutely depends on how you handle and react to them.

Problems and challenges are experiences in life that helps to make us stronger and more sophisticated. They help to mature us both physically, mentally and emotionally and also prepare us for some greater task ahead. You need not be frightened when they come, stand and face them with a positive mental alertness, remain calm so that you’ll be able to make the right decisions when it comes. Your ability to be able to handle your problems and challenges makes you stronger and remain unbeaten. 

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Conflicts are definitely inevitable among humans. Consequently because of our diversities in character, temperaments, opinions, ideas, backgrounds, religions and beliefs. However, when conflicts ensues, it shouldn’t be allowed to deteriorate. Necessary measures must be taken to ameliorate its effect and totally resolve it. It doesn’t matter who’s involved, what matters is preventing a total breakdown of law and order, and finding ways to bring the lost peace. Here are 6 ways conflicts can be managed and controlled in order to prevent it from escalating to hopeless situation.

1. INVESTIGATE: This is the first step that should be taken to discover the root cause of the conflict. Investigation is a necessary tool that should be employed in managing and resolving any conflict, this is important because, before you can properly deal with a problem and get a result or solution, you must first of all dig deep to decipher the root cause of that problem. conflict investigation helps to bring out or determine the root cause of the conflict, so that you can tackle it from the root. It helps you to be aware of the nature of the problems and the challenges of the conflicting parties, in order to make necessary decisions that will help to bring about a lasting solution. Failure to investigate thoroughly, the cause of the conflict, will definitely not bring a radical solution. This investigation must be carried out by a neutral body, a body not part of the conflicting parties, and unbiased. In an organization, a committee could be set up, either from within the organization or outside the organization, but such committee must not be involved in the conflict, in order to make a genuine, thorough and unbiased investigations and findings. This will definitely help to tackle the conflicts from the root and make efficient conflict resolution.

2. MITIGATE: Necessary steps must be taken to mitigate the impacts of the conflict. This is very essential, especially in an organization that depends solely on the strength of its workforce for efficiency. Mitigation is a very important tool in conflict management and control, it will help to lessen the negative impacts of the conflict and prevent it from deteriorating. This can be done by the management of that organization, by looking into ways of cushioning the effects of the conflicts on its activities and productivity. Although, mitigation is an interim measure for conflict management and control, but it is absolutely helpful in preventing a total collapse of the existing organizational structures and productivity. Hence it should be used as a short-term tool for conflict management and control, to help prevent total breakdown of the organization’s productivity. However, the long-term measures to resolve the conflict should also be considered during this process of mitigation, as the short-term approach only paves the way for the total control and resolution of the conflict.

3.DIALOGUE: This is obviously the most essential tool in trying to resolve or manage any conflict. The main challenge in using this tool is getting the two conflicting parties to sit together, discuss and resolve their differences. Because, if these two antagonistic parties can sit down on a round table to discuss their differences, then i believe that the problem is half solved. Dialogue should be the first approach in resolving a conflict, and not the use of force, especially when such conflict is between a higher and a lower cadre, between an employer and an employee, or between a management of an organization an its entire workers. In this stage, the two parties has to respect the views and opinions of each other, and avoid exercising authority or superiority in order achieve their aim of resolving the conflicts.

4.ACCOMMODATE: For conflicts to be effectively managed and controlled, the conflicting parties must learn to accommodate each others views, differences and opinions. They have to understand that we all have differences, and should be able to manage those differences. Trying to impose your own opinions, views or ideas on others will definitely not augur well for both parties, and will also hinder the process of peaceful negotiation. For the dialogue to yield the desired result, and the conflict resolved amicably, both parties must be able to accommodate, accept and respect their differences. It should be a win-win situation and not a win-loose type.

5.MEDIATE: Sometimes, mediation could also be a useful tool in conflict management and resolution. Mediation is useful, especially in situations where all effort by the two conflicting parties to resolve the conflict among themselves has become a futile effort. In this case, a third party may be called upon to broker peace between them and find ways of resolving the conflict. This third-party must be neutral and unbiased and must not come from either of the parties involved in the conflict. The aim of this third-party should be to find out the cause of the conflict from both sides, resolve the conflict and also reconcile them. Mediation is also very necessary in bringing both parties for dialogue, because someone has to set the pace and initiate the process of dialogue, because the main challenge is getting both parties to sit down and negotiate.

6.ARBITRATION: This is the final conflict management and resolution tool often used mostly by industries, organizations, government and labour unions to resolve conflicts. This tool is often employed when every attempt had been made using the above five tools to resolve it have proved abortive. The court of arbitration which has the jurisdiction of judging and resolving any organizational conflict can therefore be approached. But in using this tool, one must expect a win-loose situation, such that one party must definitely be compensated at the expense of the other party. It is definitely one way of resolving organizational conflicts, between government and labour and the management of any industry and their workforce.

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Les critères d’évaluation du rôle d’administrateur de sociétés

Gouvernance | Jacques Grisé

Voici un excellent article publié par Jeffrey Gandz, Mary Crossan, Gerard Seijts et Mark Reno* dans la revue Ivey Business Journal. Les auteurs insistent sur trois critères d’évaluation du rôle d’administrateur de sociétés : (1) compétences, (2) engagement et (3) caractère. Bien que ces trois critères soient déterminants dans l’exercice du rôle d’administrateur, la dimension la plus difficile à appréhender est le leadership qui se manifeste par le “caractère” d’un administrateur.

Les auteurs décrivent 11 caractéristiques-clés dont il faut tenir compte dans le recrutement, la sélection, l’évaluation et la rotation des administrateurs.

Je vous invite donc à lire cet article. En voici un extrait. Qu’en pensez-vous ?

“When it comes to selecting and assessing CEOs, other C-suite level executives or board members, the most important criteria for boards to consider are competencies, commitment and character. This article focuses on the most difficult of these criteria to assess…

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What is the real secret to living a happy life? A lot of people often mistake prosperity, money, wealth, fame as the secret of happiness in life. Money or wealth could actually bring happiness, but is it the real source of happiness in life? Definitely not. Because there are also countless number of people who possess wealth and have got everything that makes life very comfortable for them, yet they lack the desired happiness. The secret to happiness in life isn’t the amount of wealth you acquire, but how many lives you are able to affect positively. Human beings are made for connection, and to compliment each other. We are created for a purpose, and that purpose is to add value to life through making positive impacts in the life of others. When you’re able to help someone achieve their dreams, render an assistance, give both moral and financial support, or whatever you do that lifts up the other person, or make them overcome their challenges, you get fulfilment and satisfaction and that is the secret of living a happy life. Most people are oblivious of this fact, they lack the attitude of helping others, especially those who are in need. And it is absolutely responsible for their lack of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction eventhough they’ve got everything that makes life pleasant and worthwhile. When you develop this attitude of fulfilling a need in other peoples life, rendering support, solving problems and making people have a happy life, you’re also unknowingly creating your own happiness, and you’ll definitely get fulfilment and satisfaction from it. Everybody desires and deserves a happy life, but not everybody can get it without the support of others. Never allow the ingratitude of some people to deter you from rendering support to those who need them. Human beings are intrinsically good, when you always have the mind of making positive impacts in peoples lives, you’re undoubtedly fulfilling the purpose of creation, and you’ll definitely be rewarded for it. At the end of the day, you’re not going to be remembered for the amount of wealth you acquired, or how rich you were, but how many lives you were able to influence positively.