The call to leadership is a great call. It is a sacred call to serve humanity, and must be respected or held in high esteem. “when duty calls only the mighty answers”. It is a mighty call, that needs only men and women of character, purpose and passion to serve humanity and add value to life. Even God respects leaders, because he holds them responsible for all actions of their followers. In the holy book, he appoints leaders to lead his people, not base on academic qualifications, religious affiliations, physical appearance, human ideology, sentiments, background or how wealthy you are. But he appoints leaders, base on character of purpose and good qualities. A leader therefore, must live above board. His or her character must be exemplary in nature, and does not negate the leadership position he or she occupies. He or she must be quintessential, and a model in all intents and actions. A positive influencer, whose character remains consistent with his or her position as leader, and exercises a positive influence, not dominance over his or his followers. A leader is a light. He brings light wherever there’s darkness, through his or her transcending qualities and character. He or she leads, shows the way for others to follow, determines the right path and leads the followers to their final destination. A leader’s watchword must be “honesty”. Honesty is a very strong value of any successful leader, without honesty, you can’t go too far in your leadership position as a leader. A leader must be courageous. Courage isn’t the absence of fears, but the ability to stand firm in the midst of challenges. Ability to make good decisions, and be flexible and ready to adjust or reverse decisions when it becomes necessary to do so. A good leader must have a listening ear, and be ready to welcome ideas and suggestions, not a monopoly of knowledge or ideas. But must not be in a haste to accept all counsels, ideas or suggestions, rather, must be prudent in sifting every ideas before accepting them. Discretion should guide a good leader, not sentiments, self-interest or affiliations. The paramount aim of any successful leader, must be to add value to the lives of his followers, impact positively on their lives, and help them to actualize their dreams and aspiration. However, to be a good leader, you must first be a good follower. One major problem we have in this our contemporary time, is that, we have so many leaders, but not enough good leaders. We have so many who wants to be leaders, but they’re not good followers. We are too quick in criticizing and condemning those in leadership positions, rather than show support, advice and encourage them to do better. There’s absolutely no perfect leader, or a leader that knows it all. But working together, showing support, mutual engagements, and understanding between leaders and followers will eventually bring the needed benefits and development. I’ve discovered that most people with great leadership qualities and characters, that can make an effective and efficient leaders do not ascend leadership positions, but prefers behind the scene, this people are especially among the introverts. They don’t like coming to the limelight or be seen as an arrowhead, unless they’re being pushed to, but if given the opportunity, they make great leaders. Both leaders and followers ought to know that “uneasy lies the head that wears the cap”.


3 thoughts on “THE CALL TO LEADERSHIP!

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