13 Traits Of Women You Should Know About!

Different women possess different characteristics and qualities. And most men are oblivious of this traits, even some women are not aware of these traits in them. I’ve taken a critical study of different women and their characters, and i discovered that the below 13 traits are common to all women. 1. UNPREDICTABLE: Women are very unpredictable. You can’t predict a woman’s action or reaction despite how long you’ve known her. You can understand her character, and her kind of person, but you definitely cannot predict her. This is because, women acts based on what and how they feel at a particular time, and they often acts before planning. They walk according to their feelings and emotions. And since you can’t see through their heart to know their emotion, what they feel or think, then you definitely cannot predict their actions or reactions towards a particular situation, you can only guess or speculate but you can’t predict. 2 DOMINANCE: Women likes to dominate, especially in a relationship or marriage. Every woman is born with this trait, infact if it is possible for she to regulate your life, control your activities, your going out and coming in, and be the man in a relationship or marriage, she will do it. However, women are easily turned-off by men they can dominate. Hence, it takes a real man to exercise his dominance over the woman. When she tries to dominate you, you resist her, she tries it again and you keep on resisting her, and you exhibit your manliness and control over her, then she will become calm, also loves and respect you for being a real man. 3 EMOTIONAL: Women are extremely emotional. They do things based on their emotions or feelings. This is why, you need not judge a woman by her words, rather by her actions. Women have a stronger emotion than men, and they value their emotions so much that until its being satisfied, they’ll remain uncomfortable. 4 OVER-AMBITIOUS: The innermost desire of every woman is to get to the highest level where they’ll be in full control. This is why, you need not think you’ve done too much for her, no matter what you do for her, or think you’ve arrived. 5 SELF-SACRIFICING: Women can go to any length or do anything to make sure that something is done or achieved, or to make their partner whom they love happy. 6 GOOD MOTIVATORS: Women are extremely good at motivating. They have this ability to make you go the extra-mile to achieve something. And they have different ways of motivating you, either by challenging, encouraging or making you feel bad about your present condition. Infact many successful men were being motivated by a woman. 7 STRONG-WILLED BUT COMPASSIONATE: Women are very strong-willed in character. They always hold unto their opinion, and remains resolute. However, they’re also very compassionate. They show true compassion, if they feel your pain, its real, but if they do not, you can’t change their mind. 8 SOPHISTICATED: Women are more sophisticated about life than men. They adapt easily to life, and seem to be more ephemeral than men. 9 FAST IN REASONING: Women, due to their being more sophisticated, are also faster in reasoning than men. A man will want to consider all aspects before bringing up any suggestion .10 ACTS BEFORE THINKING: Most women often acts before thinking. The reason also being that they act according to their emotions or feelings. They do not consider the consequence of their action before acting. 11 EXCELLENT MANAGERS: Every woman is born with the innate management ability. But some do not realize this. Every woman is a potential and good manager, but you need to start practicing it, in order to discover it. 12 GOOD AT ENCOURAGING: Women are good at encouraging and inspiring people. They’re very good at uplifting you when you’re downcasted or worried about any challenge. They’re very good at using soft words and tones that will motivate you and make you feel better. 13 EXTREMELY SECRETIVE: Women are very secretive, they can keep a secret for a very long time without you finding out. Eventhough you’re very close them, if they wish not to let the cat out of the bag, they can do it.


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