A lot of people go through this life without really discovering the purpose of their creation, in order add value to life. Nothing comes into existence without the purpose of existence. Everyone born into this world is born for a purpose, and that purpose is to add value to life. So if you’re not adding value to life, then you’re not fulfilling the purpose for which you were created. “The fact that you were created and brought forth into this life, is more important than how you were created.” In this post, i’ll reveal 5 tips to discovering the purpose of your creation and how to unleash them to starting adding value to life. 1. RECOGNIZE THE CREATOR OF ALL CREATION:The first step towards discovering what you were created to do, is to discover and recognize the creator or source of all creations. God is the source of all creator, he’s the highest inventor, without him, nothing that was created would have been created. And there’s always a purpose for every of his creation. He has a purpose for creating you into this world. He alone knows your abilities and the magnitude of the potentials that lies in you. He created everyone with different levels abilities, and he knows what and how much you’re worth. Company’s that manufactures equipment from heavy to small, has a purpose for manufacturing such equipment and they know the worth of those equipment and the extent to which they can operate. God knows what he deposited inside you and wants you to function in commensurate terms to that potential. The worth of any potential is determined by the demands made on it by its depositor. If you’re not functioning up to the capacity God wants you to function or you’ve not discovered what you were created to do, then you’re not fulfilling Gods purpose for your life. Always relax and ask yourself, what did the creator of all creations created me to do in this life? 2. SELF-DISCOVERY: Discovering yourself or what you can do to add value to life requires self determination. It requires asking yourself some heart searching and down-to-earth questions, like: what can i do, what do i know how to do best, or what do i love doing. These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself right now, so that you begin to discover what you were created to do, and use it to add value to life. Discovery comes through insight and the will to make positive impacts. Self-discovery means finding time to always relax in a serene environment to discover your abilities or what you’re good at. Whatever it is, that you love doing or that makes you happy when doing it, provided it is legal and generally acceptable, and is beneficial to others, that may be the area through which you can use to add value to life. It only takes consistency in developing it, through patience to make it come to the limelight. If you’ve always love to be your own boss, and make people happy by creating jobs for them, then you may become a great entrepreneur. Whatever, you enjoy doing that adds value to life can be converted into monetary value when it is fully developed. 3.YOUR TEMPERAMENT: Temperament is what controls the behaviour of every human being. There are different temperaments: the sanguine, choleric, melancholy and the phlegmatic. Every human being belongs to any one of this temperaments and your behaviour, dreams, goals, actions and reaction is traceable to your temperament. For more on temperaments, please read “Why you act the way you do” by Tim Lahaye. However, your temperament can help you discover what you were created to do in life. Some people have the character of being hilarious and make people laugh and be entertained, they enjoy doing it, and it makes them feel comfortable and fulfilled. For such people, they can be good entertainers, and add value to life with it. Others may be so ambitious, that they love to work and get any task accomplished, or they’re good at liberating others from oppression through fighting for freedom or right. This people can use their temperament and potentials to effect change in the life of others, thereby, adding value to life. One way you can discover what you were created to do in life, is to discover your temperament. Discovering your temperaments will help you to know the purpose of God for your life, will help you get the right job, discover the area you can function very well, and how to use it to add value to life. 4.ENGAGE YOURSELF: Engaging yourself in meaningful activities can also help you to discover what passion is, and what you were created to do in life. The brain can only function and become creative when it is being exercised. When you’re not active, the brain remains passive and dormant, and you can’t discover what you are very good at doing.So you definitely need to keep engaging yourself into good activities,so that you can discover your passion.

How to be your own boss: How to make your business stand-out.

Making your business, products or services stand out, is no big deal. It only takes some few steps and practices to be at the zenith of your business. Your business is your brand name, so you definitely need to make it stand out from the crowd. So here are 5 essential tips to enable you achieve this: 1. BE DIFFERENT: The market is extremely being overwhelmed by similar products and services and consumers/clients are a bit confused about making the right choice, and also frustrated by their inability to get quality products and services so as to get value for their money. They are always in search of that quality products or services that gives them value for the money they want to spend. Being different from others as a small or medium scale business owners, in terms of the quality of your products, good packaging, service delivery and better client/customers relationship, enables you to meet their needs and stand out from the crowd. 2. BE FLEXIBLE: Flexibility is one essential character of any successful entrepreneur. The ability to adapt to any changes that occurs in the market environment, and being able to adjust to still meet the needs of the customers is what makes you stand out as an entrepreneur. 3. BE INSIGHTFUL: Being insightful as an entrepreneur enables you to take deep retrospect on your products and services to discover what is lacking, and what your clients/customers wants. It will help you to make adjustments and improve on the quality of products and service delivery to customers and clients where necessary. 4. FEEDBACK CHANNEL: This is a channel where your customers can report back to you, in case of any lapses, suggestions or give ideas that will help to improve your business and serve them better. Their shouldn’t be any communication gap or barrier between you and your clients/customers. The ability to include a feedback channel into your business makes it stand out, as it will build trust, improve relationships and gives your business a name that stands the time of time. 5. HAVE VARIETIES: “Variety is the spice of life”. Having varieties of products, but all from the same source and brand name can help you spread your network and also make your business stand out. Example of this, is the coca cola company. The reason is that some customers may be indifferent to a particular product, but attracted to the other. These are the few great tips that helps any business to stand out. Put them into practice and see your business at the peak!