How to be your own boss:

How to be your own boss:


One thought on “How to be your own boss:

  1. Helo friends, thanks for subscribing and commenting on my posts, it's really awesome. Today, i'd like to share my experiences with you on human characters, and how to build a long lasting relationship as we interact amongst ourselves. Because, to build a long time relationship you must be able to understand the character and lifestyle of your cronies, colleagues, and neighbours,even strangers. You know that, poor understanding of someone's lifestyle definitely leads to poor relationship. I have published a book on this, which i titled 'WHO HURTS MOST' this book exposes 3 groups of people and how they react to unpleasant action against them. So i found it interesting to post it on my blog, so you can discover your group,classify others into one of these groups and relate peacefully with them. Now lets go. Have you ever being hurt or humiliated by someone you love and respect? Or a total stranger to you. How did you react? A famous scientist,sir Isaac Newton,in 1884 published a work called 'principia'from which he clearly stated the 3 laws of motion,from his third law,i quote 'To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'that is, actions and reactions are equal and opposite. For instance, when you fire a bullet from a gun,that's an action,the equal and opposite reaction is that you'll see yourself jerk backwards as a result of the momentum with which the bullet leaves the gun. This principle also applies in our everyday interactions as individuals, when you take an unpleasant action against some, you should always anticipate an equal and opposite reaction. However, this reaction often comes in three different forms depending on who's involved. Now lets get started. The first group are the 'BLUNT' group. I called them the blunt group because they're very blunt in there reaction. If you hurt or humiliate them, they give it back to you immediately, without minding whose ox is gored. They're very aggressive by nature, and feel they owe no apology to anyone for reacting the way did. One commendable fact about this group is that, eventhough they're very belligerent, they do not bear grudges nor anger against their offenders, after their immediate payback,they forget whatever that has happened and become friendly to you again. The best way to relate with them,is to take them for who they are,cause you can't change them. And don't try to hurt or humiliate them,cause you might not be ready for their instant reaction. The second group are the 'PATIENT'group. When you hurt these categories of people, they ignore you and walk away, without thinking of retaliating. These group peaceful and friendly, when they're being hurt,they avoid you completely,because they do not want problem. Avoiding you,doesn't mean they're harbouring hatred against you,but they're giving you time to retrace your steps and to discover that being gentle doesn't mean they're cowards, and when you realize it, and show remorse for your action,then they're willing to forgive. But when you continue to take them for granted, and push them to the wall,then they become very callous in dealing with you. The best way to relate with them is to,understand them and never try to trifle them. The last group are the 'PRETENTIOUS'group. When you this group, they pretend not to be hurt by your actions. They were a calm composure of a feigned look, sometimes even give you a grin of Surprise. For this group, there peaceful disposition should not be trusted,because it is only that of a graveyard. They harbor your actions in their mind,and waiting for when your cup will be filled, then they remind you all you've done to them, and pay you back in commensurate manner. Never try to hurt these group,else you automatically become their enemy.



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