Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers


One thought on “Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

  1. HOW TO PREPARE FOR A JOB INTERVIEW : Do you have a job interview coming up soon? Then know this, that how you prepare and present yourself for it, plays a major role in getting you the job. Sometimes, it's not about your CV, but how you package and present yourself for the interview that gets you the job. Of course most companies and business organizations will still want to retrain you when they eventually employ you, so all they're looking out for, is your character and comportment during the interview. Remember, intimidating and awesome CV, without good character may get you get job. I will be showing you 8 great steps to having a successful interview and finally get the job. 1. Dress properly to the interview. Avoid looking extremely gorgeous in your dressing so that you don't intimidate or overhelm your interviewers. Avoid any indecent dressing that exposes your contours. Appear very neat,smart and simple. 2. Avoid arriving late to the interview,so that your host don't see you as being unserious. Be prompt. 3. When you arrive the interview venue, follow any instruction you're given. 4. Do not initiate a discussion, or try to make the first move for a handshake. Be as quiet as you can be, unless you're being asked a question. 5. When asked a question, be straight to the point, and avoid rigmaroling. 6. Put some smile on your face, but moderate in your smiling. 7. Don't answer a question as if you're begging for the job. Always be your self. 8. Remember to update your knowledge about the job before going. Wishing you success in your interview.



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