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  1. In my previous blog, i talked about three fundamental qualities you need to cultivate that will aid you to become your own boss. 1. Your mindset. 2. Action. 3. Patience. Today i'll be talking on the topic, 'ITS NOT THE CAPITAL' Do you always think you're being handicapped by lack of capital to start your own business? I always hear a lot of people say i've got this business plans and ideas but i lack the capital to start it. My friend, it isn't a matter of capital, it is a problem of information. Starting a business that will be successful requires no huge capital ,it requires starting with what you've got from where you are. So ,stop delaying your success by waiting to get that huge capital, because you might wait forever. Start small and allow it develop. You may ask,'But how can i start when i don't even have a penny' ? Good question, But have you ever imagined saving at least 10 percent of all the money you get in a year,two or three? Have you imagined how much you would have worth today if you were saving 10 percent of all the money you received 5 years ago ? The secret is simply saving. Cultivate the habit of saving today and you'll never lack money. It takes discipline,isn't it? Yes discipline is required in becoming your own. In my subsequent blogs i'll show you the other ways to get your capital.


  2. There are 3 important characters you need to cultivate that will aid you in quest to becoming your own boss. First is, 'Your mindset'. Your mindset plays a very vital role in any achievement in life. Without the right mindset of believing that you can achieve whatever you desire, and become your own boss,you dream will never be realized,it will only be a wishing thinking. Having the right mindset builds your determination to go on and turn your dreams into reality, and also helps you to surmount all difficulties that will confront you. Always believe that whatever you can conceive in your heart,you can achieve it. The second is 'start something' it is not enough to have fantastic desire of becoming your own boss. You also need to back your desires with the right action. Take the first step of going out to start something today,it doesn't matter how small it is, just start it. From the words of zig ziglar,i quote 'you don't need to be great to start but you have to start to be great'. Lastly, 'Patience' This is the key to all success in life. Every successful entrepreneur started very, little and with patience, they became very famous. There may be ups and downs but consistency and patience will definitely get you to the peak.


  3. When read about all the worlds renowned entrepreneurs and business tycoons, i discovered there's one thing that is common about there success history,first,is the desire to be there own boss, because there can't be success without a desire to be successful. Every achievement in life must start with a desire. But the character that is mostly found among this people is the yearning to use their desire to impact positively on the world. In order to become your own boss, you need to have the desire to affect others positively, with your dream


  4. Do you really desire to be your own boss? That is, be an enterpreneur, and pay yourself. Becoming your own boss is very simple,especially in this mixed economy where everybody has the right to own wealth. It is no more as awkward as it is in the socialist or capitalist economy where wealth is regarded as a monopoly of only the government or few individuals. But today everybody can own and enjoy wealth restriction. To become your boss, you definitely need to realize and understand there are no barriers to your dream of becoming your own boss. That is the first step. Then you also need to visualize and see various opportunities and needs in your environment, strategize on how to maximize those opportunities, Fill the needs of your environment and convert them into their monetary equivalence, then you will be on your way to becoming your own boss.



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